Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 Things To Do When You Don't Have a Membership

Not having a membership in Wizard101 can be really boring. You may be fortunate enough to go to some places that you bought with crowns, but if you're like me, you've only bought a few places. So if you can't explore worlds, what can you do?

5. Castle Tours
If you're bored, head over to Castle Tours! Looking through houses can be really exciting! If you are interested decorating, touring houses is extremely helpful for inspiration. If you aren't the decorating type, there's usually awesome stuff to do in the top rated houses. There might be a PvP duel circle, housing games, gauntlets, fish, and even reward-giving NPCs to talk to! Plus, exploring houses is really awesome. You can get a glimpse of cool gear, pets, mounts, furniture, and even plants!

4. Fishing
Believe it or not, but there are good fish in free-to-play zones. Holiday fish are available all over Wizard City. Numerous recipes call for fish caught in free-to-play zones. Fishing in houses can yield great rewards: some of the chests have items from their respective bundle! Additionally, you can get a lot of gold from selling fish!

3. The Bazaar
The Bazaar offers cool items from around the Spiral! Buy fun items for your house or character. Get items for hard recipes. Sell unwanted items! Sell rare items to make someone's life easier. Offer to trade treasure cards with someone so that they don't have to buy any! Observe cool outfits and pets. Make conversation with others. Just hang out!

2. Earn Crowns
Earning crowns is a great thing to do because it will enable you to go anywhere in the Spiral! Watch videos in game if you are completely out of ideas to do. If you aren't in game, take quizzes to earn crowns.

1. Help New Players
Helping new players in Wizard City can encourage them to continue playing the game! Starting Wizard101 can be complicated for some people. They may not know about online resources. Helping them through Unicorn Way and Triton Avenue can mean the difference between someone continuing with the game and quitting. Some bosses are extremely difficult. Lend your knowledge and talent to someone who needs it!

What do you do when you don't have membership?