Thursday, September 17, 2015

King Valgard and the Ice Titan

Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

Yes, my friend. Long before, in the times of old, I ruled the vaulting skies. The Tritons ruled the frothing seas, and the Dragons lumbered on land. For some time we existed perfectly, rarely scuttling. But once my people over harvested the water and the Tritons raged in the sea, war broke out between the elements. This war tore apart the land, creating the worlds of the spiral.

When this happened, my domain was split to the many lands. I wandered for years, searching for the greatest home. Zafaria was too hot,  Moo Shu was to regimented, and Avalonians weren't my people.


Finally I found a world, two to be exact. Grizzleheim was cool and arid. It's people were fierce and loyal. I deemed it worthy, climbed up to the skies and surveyed my territory. I watched as the Bears, Wolves, and Ravens turned their heads skyward, peering at their new ruler.

Each tribe sent a representative to climb up to my frozen palace. The wolf bounded up the stairs, the raven flew smoothly and the bear ascended carefully. The wolf slipped out when he didn't see the turn, and he fell back the earth. The raven watched in horror, but flew into a wall. Soon the bear remained, slowly making its way up.

The bear finally emerged into my halls, bowing deeply at the sight of me.

"Who are you? I boomed.

"I am Valgard Goldenblade..." He said timidly.

"I am Ymir, the Ice Titan! I rule the vaulting skies in which the North winds blow."

I told him of my struggles and he listened respectively. He told me of the land that floated nearby, known as Wintertusk. I learned that the world is beautiful and inhabited by many things, but know ruler guides them. War breaks out between the many tribes, and the whole world is chaotic.

I asked him if Grizzleheim had a ruler, and he promptly replied with "No."

"Valgard Goldenblade, I name you King of Grizzleheim. I give you command over the three tribes and all the creatures that dare make their home here."

I fashioned him and icy crown, intertwined with branches of the trees and rocks of the ground. I sent him on his way, and watched as the people bowed down.

A hall was constructed in the middle of Grizzleheim, and the people gathered there often. Every tribe got along, and harmony was restored to the land.


One day, an unwelcome raven flew into my palace. It's song drew me into a deep sleep. My dreams were full of nightmares, causing me to be surrounded in cold sweat. From this sweat my four sons were born: Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Vestri.

My royal sons went out the the ever-warring land of Wintertusk and took over. Nordri took the northern part, Sudri took the southern area, Austri took the eastern quarter and Vestri took the west. Under firm rule, the land became peaceful.

More has happened since, but that's another story for a different time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ymir's Kick-Ice Stories

Ymir the Ice Titan is notorious for many things, but did you know his stories are kick-ice? Yes, you read that right. Ymir has an uncanny ability to tell the best stories.

Recently, I braved the cold of Nastrond and ventured deep to Ymir's place. I set up camp and used my new magic: Dream Magic! With the help of Moon, Star, Life, Storm, and Ice, I was able to combine them to create a new magic that helps me to see Ymir's dreams, and allows him to speak. 

After careful consideration, interpretation and hours of labourous work, I've been able to gather some pretty cool stories.

These stories range from memories to bedtime stories for his sons to ramblings that make sense! Stay tuned to see the first story hopefully up on Thursday! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Glowing Wands of Moo Shu and Dragonspyre

So there you are, minding your own business in the commons. A nicely dressed wizard crosses your path... in their hand you see a beautiful wand, one like no other! But what could it be? That name surely doesn't match up. Where did they get it? Question no further... I have the guide!

Moo Shu

  • Storm: Jade Oni's Amethyst Blade
    • Dropped by Jade Oni
  • Ice: Plague Oni's Sapphire Blade
    •  Dropped by Plague Oni
  • Fire: Ruby Blade of the Forest
    •  Dropped by Oakheart
  • Balance: Kagemoosha's Citrine Blade
    •  Dropped by Kagemoosha
  • Death: Tomugawa's Onyx Blade
    •  Dropped by Tomugawa
  • Life: Oyotomi's Jade Blade
    •  Dropped by Oyotomi
  • Myth: Death Oni's Peridot Blade
    •  Dropped by Death Oni


  • Fire: Dean Darkflame's Cleaver
    •  Dropped by Dean Darkflame
  • Ice: Longblade of the Homunculus
    •  Dropped by Giant Homunculus
  • Storm: Shockblade of the Hoarder
    •  Dropped by The Collector
  • Balance: Sword of the Steward
    •  Dropped by Property Master
  • Death: Soulsinger's Soulsword
    •  Dropped by Ivan Soulsinger 

  • Life: Redwind's Viridian Blade
    •  Dropped by Valeska Redwind 
  • Myth: Avalanche's Legendary Cutlass
    •  Dropped by Avalanche

If you find any of this information incorrect or missing, please comment and I will fix it!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Guide to Promotional Wands

Promotional Wands are among the coolest, flashiest, and rarest wands available in The Spiral. Most of these wands were available from Beckett Magazine codes, others from FreeKI game rewards. Today, these wands are retired and are exclusive to an official fansite. This means that they are given codes to giveaway. Some people in the community have spare codes that they giveaway.

As of the Spring 2016 Update, ALL Promotional Wands except Valor have been dropped in Zafaria Fishing Chests in the Elephant Graveyard.

Amaranthine Staff
  • Paige's Page (Paige Moonshade)
  • Storm Staff
Blue Raptor Sword
  • Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards
  • Myth Sword
Dragonclaw Blade
  • Duelist101
  • Fire Sword
Fog Staff
  • Mercenaries101/M4H
  • Ice Staff
Galvanic Hammer
  • Friendly Necromancer
  • Myth Hammer
  • Legends of the Spiral
  • Storm Sword
Staff of the Imperator
  • Spiral Radio 101
  • Fire Staff
Staff of the Querent
  • Petnome Project
  • Ice Staff
Umbra Blade
  • Wizard101 Central
  • Death Sword
  • A Veteran's Day promo gift in 2009
  • Now a retired item; possibly the rarest wand in the Spiral
  • Life Sword
Viridian Scepter
  • Stars of the Spiral
  • Life Wand
Warpwood Wand
  • Ditto Monster
  • Life Wand

Any missing, incorrect, or new information? Please comment below!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Trainer Location & Spell Guide

This guide will break down each world's trainer. This also includes their location and what spells you can obtain. This does not include Gardening, Fishing and Ravenwood Professors.

Wizard City

  • Dworgyn is located in the Death School in Nightside

Mildred Farseer
  • Located in Coldstone Cottage in Colossus Blvd

  • Located next to the Death School in Nightside

Sabrina Greenstar
  • Located at the Fairgrounds in a tent


  • Located in the Balance School near the Krokosphinx

  • Outside of the Balance School 

Tish' Mah
  • Located on top the secret shop. This shop only opens when the teleport pad is lit. You'll also see the top of the columns flashing.


  • Go down the stairs behind Mayor Pimsbury in Digmoore Station


Master Yan Kan Kook
  • Appears after defeating the Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple
  • They are craftable spells available at Legendary Artisan crafting level


Moon School
  • Celestia Base Camp
    • Polymorph Gobbler
      • Level 50
    • Polymorph Mander
      • Level 52
  • The Portico
    • Polymorph Gobbler & Mander (Same as Celestia Base Camp)
    • Polymorph Cat Bandit
      • Level 54
    • Polymorph Ninja Pig
      • Level 56
    • Polymorph Draconian
      • Level 58
Star School
  • Celestia Base Camp
    • Fortify 
      • Level 50
    • Amplify
      • Level 52
  • The Stellarium
    • Fortify & Amplify (Same as Celestia Base Camp)
    • Infallible
      • Level 54
    • Vengeance
      • Level 56
    • Empowerment
      • Level 58
Sun School
  • Celestia Base Camp
    • Strong
      • Level 50
    • Keen Eyes
      • Level 50
    • Giant
      • Level 52
    • Accurate
      • Level 52
  • The Floating Land
    • Strong, Keen Eyes, Giant, Accurate (Same as Celestia Base Camp)
    • Sniper
      • Level 54
    • Monstrous
      • Level 56
    • Unstoppable
      • Level 58
    • Gargantuan
      • Level 58
  • The Floating Land - Watermole Village
    • Tupa Taua
      • Mega Tranquilize 
      • Mega Calm
      • Mega Distract
      • Mega Pacify
      • Mega Soothe
      • Mega Subdue
      • Mega Taunt
        • All Level 50

Star School
  • Zamunda
    • Berserk
      • Level 66
    • Mend
      • Level 66
Sun School
  • Drum Jungle
    • Colossal 
      • Level 64
    • Extraordinary 
      • Level 64

Cassie the Ponycorn

Friar Nolan

  • Caliburn - Level 72 for quest
  • Spells rewarded after the quest "No Pain, No Agravaine"
    • Snowdrift (Ice)
    • Detonate (Fire)
    • Enfeeble (Storm)
    • Master Triage (Life)
    • Master Infection (Death)
    • Shift (Myth)
    • Mana Burn (Balance)
      • Level 72

Fianna YellowKnife
  • High Road - Level 75 for quest, Complete Level 72 quest
  • Spells rewarded after the quest "Always After Me Charms"
    • Backdraft (Fire)
    • Cooldown (Ice)
    • Healing Current (Storm)
    • Guardian Spirit (Life)
    • Bad Juju (Death)
    • Dimension Shift (Myth)
    • Supernova (Balance)
      • Level 75
Enya Firemoon
  • The Wild - Level 80


Moon School
  • Three Points
    • Polymorph Icehorn
    • Polymorph Jaguar
    • Polymorph Pteranodon
      • Level 88
Star School
  • Three Points
    • Galvanic Field
    • Furnace
    • Sleet Storm
    • Cycle of Life
    • Virulence
    • Reliquary
    • Chastisement
    • Punishment
      • Level 84
Sun School
  • Three Points
    • Primordial
    • Potent Trap
    • Sharpen Blade
      • Level 86
  • Sofia DarkSide - Moon Cliffs - Eclipse Tower
  • Elana DarkSun - Kondha Desert - Solar Arc
    • Shadow Sentinel
    • Shadow Seraph
    • Shadow Shrike
      • Level 92
    • Dark Shepherd
    • Dark Nova
    • Dark Fiend
      • Level 97
  • Erik Wyrdrune
  • These spells are rewarded after completing the corresponding quest at the level requirement.
    • Elemental Diffuse (Balance)
    • Spirit Diffuse (Balance)
    • Dark Pact (Death)
    • Fuel (Fire)
    • Legion Shield (Ice)
    • Triage (Life)
    • Shatter (Myth)
    • Super Charge (Storm)
      • Level 35
    • Availing Hands (Balance)
    • Virulent Plaque (Death)
    • Power Link (Fire)
    • Frozen Armor (Ice)
    • Brilliant Light (Life)
    • Talos (Myth)
    • Insane Bolt (Storm)
      • Level 55

Thank You for reading, I hope this was helpful!
Any Incorrect or Missing information? Please comment below!

If anyone has any pictures of spell lists they would like to send in, please contact me at ! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wizard101's 7th Birthday!

Today, we celebrate the 7th birthday of our favorite game! Wizard101 is doing a lot this year! Check it out!

New Birthday Crowns Shop Items

  • Party Corgi Pet
  • Regular Keeper Party Multi-tank Aquarium 
  • Birthday Party Cake Housing Item
  • Party Chair Housing Item
  • Party Buffet Housing Item

Special Events
  • The 5 B.O.X.E.S Event
  • The Lost Pages Event
Member Benefits
From now until September 8th, if you have a membership you get:
  • Double Pet XP
  • Double Gardening Rewards
  • Free Training Point Buy-Back
  • Free Tournaments
Birthday Giveaway
From now until September 30th, redeem the code "happy7thbday" to receive:
  • Origami Party Crane
  • Birthday Hat
  • Confetti Cannon
  • Major Fishing Luck Elixir
  • Ultra Dandelion Seed
  • Birthday Cake Snack
  • Huge Ice Cream
Birthday KI Live
On Thursday, September 3rd at 4;00 CDT, watch KI Live for a whole bunch of cool stuff and giveaways!

Gobbler Fish is back!
This is the birthday fish! Hurry, catch this balance fish before it's gone!

Happy 7th Birthday, Wizard101!