Sunday, July 31, 2016

Is Double Rewards for Daily Assignments Worth It?

Daily Assignments was one of the newest features to the game. It gave us small rewards for playing each day, and usually didn't require to much effort to complete. Recently, KingsIsle introduced the newest member benefit: Double Rewards for Daily Assignments! Sounds pretty nice, right? But is it worth it?

Daily Assignments rewards very small prizes. However, doubled prizes adds up fairly quickly. Depending on how long the benefit lasts and where you are currently at, you can easily pick up some extra currency. The total double rewards for the entire 15 days of assignments is as follows:
  • 12,600 Gold
  • 60 Arena Tickets 
  • 100 Crowns 
The Arena Ticket total alone is pretty nice. The Gold total isn't super great, put who doesn't want free gold? 100 Crowns is a lot for something that isn't normally free. Though these totals are small, multiple wizards completing the assignment adds up quickly. You could end up with 600 Crowns for your account!

...And it gets better! On Chest days, you get access to a whole different loot role than normally given! This means better drops and happy wizards.

Member Rewards Bonus - Picture Credits to Stars of the Spiral

So, is it worth it to partake in Double Rewards? In my opinion, it certainly is. Doubled Crowns is an offer I wouldn't pass up. Plus, if you're a maxed wizard. what else could you possibly be doing? 

What's your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, July 18, 2016

What's New in Wizard101

Many new things have been released to Wizard101 for the summer! These items are super cool and will make your summertime fabulous. Check out what's been buzzing in the Spiral!

The Witch Hunter's Bundle

The Witch Hunter's Bundle was officially released in Wizard101 at the end of May. The bundle is very creepy and perfect for vampires and Darkmoor fans alike!

New Pets

Plenty of new pets arrived to the Spiral's Crown Shop. They include the Cheesiwitz Family (Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister,) the Armordillo, and the Panther! The Panther, when hatched with the Leopard, gives the chance at 3 new hybrids: the Lion, the Tiger, or the White Tiger.

Astral Unicorn Mount

Wish upon the stars whilst on your very own galaxy steed! This dazzling mount is in the Crown Shop for 7,500 crowns. Check it out!

Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet

The newest bundle is Valencian themed! Try your hand at this tough gauntlet, it;s sure to be a time killer. Though wizards can't visit Valencia, get a taste of it in this cool bundle!


Fish-a-Palooza brought back all the seasonal fish into the waters of the Spiral. It also caught us some nice deals and some old items. Don't miss this exciting event next year!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Hall of the Ice Forge

Picture credits to Wizard's Keep
Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

The Hall of the Ice Forge, perhaps one of Grizzleheim's best kept secrets. The greatest craters of the land come here. Those who come possess great honor, but it takes a humble heart to wield the hammer of the Ice Forge. Yes, the wizards use their magic to lift the hammer, but it is truly caused by their selfless acts for the cause of the Spiral.

There was once a great crafter who was true to his trade. Many of the inhabitants of Grizzleheim knew him. He would forge great weapons for the warriors of the North, but he himself could not wield the weapons. For it is of Grizzleheim tradition that the warriors be the only to wield the weapons. So the great crafter never wielded a single sword of which he made.

Each and every weapon he made was created with great passion. Each magic enhancing jewel combination was hand made and unique. Each sword was built for the warrior it was bestowed to, and could never function under a different warrior. This is what made the sword so unique and valuable, and what catapulted the crafter into fame.

If the owner died valorously in battle, the sword was returned to the great crafter, who would melt the sword. A sword with such great magic coursing within could not be easily reused. Because of this the great crafter created a forge near the center of Grizzleheim. He erected a statue to me, so that he could draw on my strength to create the best swords.

The cooling nature of the forge caused excellent results. The icy blades helped the Bears fend off the barbarian tribes. The blades created at the forge were the most beautiful in the land. Not a single crafter in all of Grizzleheim could even come close to recreating the sheer power and beauty of the swords created by the great crafter.

As time went on, and the great crafter grew older, a mighty hammer was made to help the crafter. For now, in his old-weakened state, it was getting increasingly harder to make the swords. The hammer his touch the best, and could only be wielded by him.

Finally, in one of the darkest days in Grizzleheim history, the great crafter died. In his last moments, he noted to those standing near, "The hammer at my forge cannot be wielded by all, but by those with the humblest of hearts and the purest of intents." Many great warriors came to wield the hammer, but only the  selfless in battle were successful. Even the lowliest of Bears could wield the hammer if their intents were pure.

To this day, only the purest of wizards and crafters can use the forge. The great crafter's magic still courses through the hammer as the orange radiant light. So be humble, dear wizard. Bask in the light of your life. Be the guide that shines for others. Wield the hammer at the Hall of the Ice Forge.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Nordic Champion's First Blogoversary

A year ago today, I sat on my couch trying to figure out how Blogger worked. A few days before that, I was working on Wordpress and decided I didn't like it. As I tried to put in a domain name, for some reason it was already taken. Frustrated, tired, and ready to qive up, I brainstormed different names for my blog. I finally realized that I should use something related to my favorite world, Grizzleheim. Then it dawned on me... Nordic Champion. Voila! Nordic Champion Blog arose from the ashes of Amaranthine Fog, my original name for my blog.

Looking back on a year's progress, I cannot believe how far I've came. I went from a blog that no one read to 1,000 monthly page views! It is truly humbling to know that many of you turn to my blog for help, entertainment, or discussions. My two greatest accomplishments, getting on the Wizard101 Monthly Newsletter numerous times and holding a Fansite Festival event, are something I must thank you for. Without you, there's no purpose to my blog. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to give you information, sponsor events, and enjoy Wizard101 with you.

I didn't even think I'd get this far. When I made my blog I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I had so much fun writing my first few dinky posts that I decided to stick with it. I didn't think I'd be on the Wizard101 Newsletter or even run a Fansite Festival event, let alone with in my first year.  Now that I've got so much accomplished in one year, there's no turning back. This blog is here to stay and hungry to accomplish more goals!

The banner to the blog I never had, RIP Amaranthine Fog
I remember when I my old template had a gray post background with a blue font. I am so glad I don't use it anymore. Cosmetically, my blog has changed a lot. Now it looks more professional. I will continue to edit my blog's appearance as needed. I know for a fact I will remain a really bad photo editor.

This year I want build my community more. I would like to finally figure out the problem I've been having with Disqus and comments not syncing. (I've been working on that for months) I would like to buy my domain, which unfortunately will not be because somebody else has it. (grrr to you domain stealer) I will likely be, which isn't as cool, but it's all I can get. I'm also hoping to do more giveaways, which have been seldom since the only giveaway I've done was sponsored by KI. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some stuff for you guys :)

I would like to thank some specific people for all that they've done for me this past year :)

Special thanks to Frostcaller for being my go-to for tech questions! 
Thank you to The Friendly Necromancer for being the first blog to put me on a blogroll
Super Thanks to Sophia Lifecaster for inviting me to the Fansite Festival!
Thanks so much to Community Newsletter for putting me on their awesome newsletter!
Thanks a million to Max. the coolest supporter and friend I know :)
Much gratitude to Wizard101 for all the times they've put me on the monthly neswsletter!
A million thank-yous to these supporters: Stars of the SpiralIridian Willowglen, Vanessa MythdustThe Dragonspyre Pirate, Anthony Firestone, and so many more!

A huge Thank You to all my readers for being the coolest wizards out there! Love you all!

Thank you again for an amazing year! I can't wait to see what this one has in store!