Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Shinobi Bundle in Wizard101

The newest Wizard101 bundle, the Shinobi Bundle, is now available for $29 at GameStop in the United States! This Moo Shu themed bundle comes with stunning new gear and other cool items!

The Bundle

-Shinobi Dojo
-Shinobi Dragon Mount
-Shinobi Turtle (Shellnobi Warrior) Pet
-Shinobi Gear
-Shinobi Throwing Star
-1 Month of Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Shinobi Dojo
The Shinobi Dojo is a portable and placeable PvP dungeon. It's like a gauntlet, but when you enter it becomes a practice PvP arena. It is not the ring. The dojo is like a piece of furniture. It has been found that you cannot banish people from your house if they are in the dojo. 

Shinobi Dragon Mount
The Shinobi Dragon mount is a beautiful, long dragon shaped similarly to the Leviathan pet. It can accommodate 2 passengers and provide a +40% speed boost, 

Shinobi Turtle (Shellnobi Warrior) Pet
The Shellnobi Warrior pet is a faithful warrior who is a must-have for all your fighting needs! This little guys comes with a starting pedigree of 55 and a Death Ninja Pig card, which is great for PvP! He can be dyed and is very talented with daggers. Look out world. there's a new samurai is town!

Shinobi Gear & Throwing Star
The Shinobi Gear and Throwing Star is not the greatest gear, but can definitely be a great asset as a filler gear piece. All its stats are universal, which is very useful when you are between gear. The gear level goes up to level 120, so Mirage may be coming very soon.

The Shinobi Bundle is a very cool addition to Wizard101. What do you like about the bundle? Will you be buying one?

Friday, October 14, 2016

New Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

The newest holiday themed pack in Wizard101 is the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack! This spooky Halloween pack comes with plenty of new items for your wizard to enjoy.

For 299 crowns, you could get some pretty awesome items. This pack includes:

  • Gloomthorn Vine Mount
  • Bat Swarm Mount
  • Jack O Lantern Pet with new Headless Horseman Spell
  • Werewolf Armor
  • Moon Staff Weapons
  • Halloween House Guests
  • .... and many more awesome items!
Top 3 Things to Get
If you're not quire sure what to hope for in the pack, here's my Top 3 things to receive from the pack! Leave a comment below about your Top 3 Favorite things in this pack!

Bat Swarm Mount via Stars of the Spiral
1. Bat Swarm Mount
This super cool mount turns your character invisible! All that's left is a swarm of bats! Pretty cool, right? 

2. Moon Staff Weapons
They look super cool and are super flashy. Although not among the powerful pack wands, it still has its own unique abilities that may fill in gaps that other gear simply can't fill. But seriously, have you seen these wands? Nice job on the design KI!

3. Halloween House Guests
What's a Halloween party without ghosts- I mean, guests? These items will make your haunted house even more scary! Since they bring to life many essential aspects of making a successful haunted house, this item is a must!
One of the Moon Staff weapons via Swordroll

*For a more detailed look at the pack, take a look at these posts from around the Spiral:
Don't forget Edward Lifegem's Halloween Run on October 29th, 2016! Plenty of fun, prizes, and spooky activities! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

8 Crazy Things in Wizard101

Wizard101 is the reason for this blog. It is unbelievable the amount of advances it has made in the past 8 years, let alone the 3 years that I have been playing. Wizard101 has brought us so much more than a game, it's an immersive experience with a well thought out story. I am so glad I can be apart of this celebration! In honor of Wizard101's 8th Birthday, I decided to think of 8 crazy things in the game. They are not in any particular order.

8. Malistaire Drake
This dude is crazy. Like seriously... he'd destroy a whole world to bring back his dead wife, who's begging him to let go? The guy doesn't even know when to quit! Don't even mention "Malistaire the Undying" to anyone that's ever finished Azteca.

How can we forget the time he attacked an unarmed wizard? Ah, I remember it like it was just yesterday. I'm still traumatized and will not answer to "puny little wizard." You've got to be pretty insane to duel with an unarmed wizard and proceed to call them "puny." Also, it felt very nice when this "puny little wizard" went all samoorai on Malistaire.

7. The Tutorial
Headmaster Ambrose just up and throws you into a duel like it's no big deal. I don't know about you, but it was nerve racking in that battle. Who throws an inexperienced wizard into a high-stakes duel? Ambrose does, that's who.

6. Family Matters
Despite Malistaire being the epitome of evil crazy dudes in Wizard101, his family's brokenness surpasses all others. I mean, Cyrus has got one attitude. Like... do you really want some student doing your laundry? Plus, how do you deal with a criminal brother? I don't know man, it's just weird.

5. Xibalba
You know what's crazy? A comet suspended in the same place in the sky for years. Even crazier? It all falls down when you show up. The entire plot twist of Azteca completely takes us by surprise. I guess KI needed to damper our 8-0 winning streak. To much privileged wizards, I suppose.

4. Old Cob
The dude just turned on us. So, as Wizard101 starts to break away from its typical Arrive-Discover-Fight-Defeat-Win quest pattern, they shake it up with the last person you think would turn on you. Old Cob, that shady dude you thought was on your side the whole time, just up and betrays you! Maybe there isn't a lot going on for a spider?

3. Talking Animals
When you first begin, the only talking animal is Gamma. You probably thought to yourself... "This isn't that weird. It's just an owl." But next thing you know you're talking to dogs, manders, and kroks? At this point it probably doesn't bother you, but did you ever think that literally KI chose to use animals? Think about it... they literally said "Yes, I want talking dinosaurs in the game, it will be a hit!" (Disclaimer: I'm not knocking on this element of the game, rather pointing it out. It's an awesome element by the way)

2. Backpacks
The concept of our wizard's backpack is literally sorcery on its own. The average wizard can fit 80 items in a backpack, including but not limited to: houses, pets, giant mounts, plants, and gear. How do you even fit a HOUSE in a backpack? Only Ambrose knows.

1. Student Wizard goes 2-0
How does a student wizard, not a veteran wizard, go 2-0 in defeating the "most talented" (and I say that with sarcasm) villains in the Spiral? Beats me. Tons of accomplished wizards try their best at stopping them, but in the end it was the student who had the final spell. Also, not to mention Student Wizard goes 6-0 in the Immortal Games and their side bosses. Yep, perfectly normal.

Thanks for reading this short article! What's the craziest thing in Wizard101?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Brief Observation of In-Game Behavior of Wizard101 Players

I've sat around quietly in Wizard City, seeing how players behaved. It's interesting to see what unfolds when you fade into the background. So what happens over a brief period of time in Wizard City?

I started in the Commons, in the most crowded realm I could get into, which was Bernie. At first it was just busy, and no one was talking. Finally, someone chatted, and actually addressed the lack of people talking. Conversation soon bloomed, and it was literally about no one talking.

A small group gathered in front of Castle Tours. They were all wearing stitched gear, the typical attire of the experienced gamer. They didn't randomly talk to others, but rather to their friend group. It's possible that this group knows each other outside of the game OR are in contact outside the game, because they were talking as if they were in a group chat. They talked about playing housing games, PvP, and port parties.

The small group of experienced players
Stereotypically, a group like this may harass AFK or Low-Level characters, but this group didn't. They simply met up and talked for a bit, then went their separate ways. Speaking from experience, it's really not fun when high level players are mean, so this group is exemplary for high level players. If you are of a high level, being a friendly and helpful wizard goes a long way!

I also found that many lower level wizards tend to ask for gifts. I'm sure most of you are aware of this. This typical behavior, along with the "Help needed." "Can we hatch?" and "Can you take me here?" messages were frequently popping up. It's unfortunate that some low levels ruin the reputation of low levels as a whole.

Next, I went to Unicorn Way to see what was happening. I was on realm Balestrom, and it was silent. There was barely any wizards fighting, so I went to the Bazaar, which is a pretty busy place. Strangely, it was also silent. At one point 2 wizards discussed school specific pets, but that was mainly it. In the past, I have found that it's common to use the Bazaar to look for hatches and Treasure Card trades.

I then went back to the Commons, this time on realm Wu. Yes, the infamous realm Wu. Known for drama, role playing, and the frequent "I need a girl" messages. As much as I want to say it isn't true, it is. Realm Wu is like the bad side of town. Everyone harasses each other. It's just really not a great place to leave your wizard AFK. I would advise you to not go to realm Wu if you know what's good for you.

In general, I've found that most stereotypes are true when it comes to Wizard101. That being said, do not automatically assume the worst when someone friends you at random. Lots of wizards have good intentions. Ultimately, be careful with who you friend, quest, ans chat with.

**I would like to re-dive into this topic on a later date, and go more in depth with it.

What type of behaviors have you observed in Wizard City?

Monday, August 15, 2016

House-A-Palooza 2016

This summer's House-A-Palooza is here with some cool new items! Not only are new items being added, but some old ones are making a comeback to the crown shop! **This post includes pack items!

House-A-Palooza Specials

  • Now through August 21st, 2016, save up to 50% off Houses and Housing Items in the Crown Shop
  • NEW Schooled Themed Furniture Sets: Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, Life, Death, Myth
  • Winterbane Hall and Midnight Sun Pagoda are back for limited time at 25% Off
  • Sales on: 
    • Emperor's Attic Pack and Housing Elixirs
    • Baddle of the Bands, Tanglewood Terror, and One-Shot Dungeons
    • Select Games and Fishing Multi-tanks
    • Build-A-Castle Medieval Set

Use the code "housingpack" or click here to redeem a free Emperor's Attic Pack

**From NOW until August 15th, 2016 at 11:59 pm US Central Time, get up to 50% more  bonus crowns with your purchase of crowns! click here to see the sale! Take advantage of this sale to buy new housing items at discounted prices!

Newest Items
All the newest School Themed Furniture Packs are 4500 crowns or 22500 gold. They are cirrently on sale for 3395 crowns. There are 3 sets per school. Here is what you can expect from each pack: 

Fire Furniture Sets


Ice Furniture Sets

Storm Furniture Sets

Balance Furniture Sets

Life Furniture Sets

Death Furniture Sets

Myth Furniture Sets

Do you like the new school packs? What's your favorite item? Let me know in the comments!