Monday, February 29, 2016

Aquila Housing Items Guide

Aquila is a super cool world/dungeon zone. It's a shame there isn't a housing vendor or furniture pack. The best we wizards can do is visit Aquila and search for some hidden items. Some of the items are auctionable and sell for a good amount of gold. Please look closely at each map to locate the green arrow, which indicates the exact location of each item.

Garden of Hesperides

Olympian Herb


The Olympian Herb can be found near Khalkos Coppersmith opposite to the Mount Olympus dungeon. 

Mount Olympus

Banner of Apollo

The Banner of Apollo can be found in the Sun Room where you defeat Apollo Bright One. It is located near the entrance to the room.

Grand Statue of Zeus

The Grand Statue of Zeus can be found directly in front of the Sky Balcony, when you defeat the guards on your way to Ares. It is so big and massive that you can't miss it.


Atlantea Grand Monument

The Atlantea Grand Monument can be found right when you walk in to Atlantea, near Hermes. 

Atlantean Arch


The Atlantean Arch can be found to the left in Akheilo's Sanctum.

Nine Fathoms Pedestal

The Nine Fathoms Pedestal can be found to the far back right in Teles' Sanctum.


Underworld Brazier

The Underworld Brazier can be found near the broken statue by the River of Spirits. Be careful of the Bronze Hoplites as they can easily pull you into battle.

Ember Stone of Tartarus

The Ember Stone of Tartarus can also be found near the River of Spirits.

Hades the Unseen Mural

 The Hades the Unseen Mural can be found in the place where you battle Hades, I decided to use a picture over the map because it's a lot more accurate. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide! Good luck on getting these items.

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