Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mastery Amulet Drop Guide

Mastery Amulets: tool of the PvP wizard, loophole to the power pip for your school-only rule, flashy neck bling. Whatever you refer to it as, your probably want one. So, what is a Mastery Amulet? How does it work?

A Mastery Amulet allows you to use power pips for the school the amulet is for. This means if you are Fire, and you are wearing the Ice mastery amulet, you can use your 4 power pips for the 8 pip spell Snow Angel. Here's the catch: Ice wizards can't use the Ice mastery amulet. You can't use your school's own mastery amulet, but you can use all the other school amulets.

Now, for the measly price of 9,950 crowns, this power is all yours! Don't have 9,950 crowns? No problem! It can be yours for free, with the simple task of farming the bosses below!

Remember, crowns gear drops are (very) rare. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it in a few tries. It could take a while before you get it. You could even end up getting a different mastery amulet! Try to take breaks when farming for anything, as it usually gets frustrating!

Fire Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Ice Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Lyon Lorestriker (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Storm Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Balance Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Lyon Lorestriker (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Myth Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Lyon Lorestriker (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Life Mastery Amulet
Dropped by:
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Lyon Lorestriker (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Death Mastery Amulet
  • Ervin the Barbarian (Tower of the Helephant, Pegasus Place, Wysteria)
  • Luska Charmbeak (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
  • Sylster Glowstorm (Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City)
Thanks for reading! As always, if there's any missing or incorrect information, comment below! Also, if you had a farming experience that you would like to share, comment!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Polaris Test Realm

Greetings and Salutations, wizards! Today something very exciting happened: The Polaris Test Realm is open! Here's a recap on what's to come, and also some new data!

Polaris is a northern world based off of Russia. Bartleby is ill, and its your job to find the wizard that can help! During your journey, you'll meet the rebel pingouins, who are under the rule of the tyrant Empress Antuskette. Empress Atuskette has been overcome with magic, making her a tyrant. Ivan the Great will guide you through this frozen world!

  • Be level 100
  • Completed the Khrysalis quest "Light and Shadow"
CROWNS PLAYERS: Polaris contains 5 premium zones priced at 1995 crowns each.

Level 110
The new level cap is level 110, with the new badge being "Prodigious."
At levels 105 and 110, you will be awarded a training point. Other bonus training point opportunities will be available as you quest! 
Level 110 Henchmen are now available in the Crown Shop.

New Gold Max
  • Levels 1-79: 300,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 80-90: 350,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 91-95: 375,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 96-100: 400,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 101-110: 450,000 Gold Max
Level 108 Shadow-Enhanced Spells
Meet the scholars of the Arcanum, a group of professors that are ready to teach you new spells! Visit them when you reach level 108 to train your new spells!

  • Myth: Witch's Housecall
  • Storm: Rusalka's Wrath
  • Balance: Nested Fury
  • Death: Winged Sorrow
  • Life: Wings of Fate
  • Ice: Snowball Barrage
  • Fire: Raging Bull
Bread Crumbs
Now you can control your roaming mount's and pet's behavior and path! These invisible housing items are available in the Crowns Shop or crafted from a recipe available from Jackie Whisperflame, located in the Pet Pavilion.

New to fishing is the "Catch of the Day" selling option and Fishing Tournaments! Catch of the Day is very simple: A certain fish is selected and it's sell amount is increased. If that particular fish is caught on that day, the price will have an extra bonus! Tournaments are also simple: Weekly, a fish will be chosen and a size. Visit Lucky Hookline to find out this information. When you catch that fish of the correct size, you will be asked if you would like to enter it in the tournament. If you enter it, the fish will be taken out of your basket for judging. At the end of the week, top fish will receive medals and all participants will receive prizes. 

Now, some houses have something in the water! The following houses now have fish: The Acropolis, Massive Fantasy Palace, Serpentine Escape, Winter Wind Tower, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, Sun Palace, Sultan's Palace, Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, Night Garden, Botanical Gardens, and the Amber Estate.

To view the official announcement, please visit this link.

Miscellaneous Twitter Data
I took the ramblings of excited wizards and composed a list of stuff beyond the update notes. With this update and the new world, we know...
  • You graduate from Ravenwood in a super cool ceremony, complete with a graduation outfit
  • Bosses are dropping pets! New pets and school hybrids have been reported
  • Bosses HAVE active pets that have talents (including May Cast)
  • You have a new professor at the Arcanum. Check them out, they are pretty cool!
  • The Level 108 spells are also dropped as treasure cards
  • Polaris has tons of badges and is very, very short
  • House Fishing: Chests are dropping really good stuff, such as Potion Motion
  • Good snacks and good reagents galore
  • Leaves on the ground, leaves on the ground, Bartleby's looking like a fool with those leaves on the ground (sorry for that, I had to)
  • New Permanent Mount dropped: Mammoth Mini
  • Level 110 School Only amulets that give new spells
  • No crafted gear in Polaris
  • Fish Chests from houses are know to give really valuable items, especially that house's bundle mount 
  • Level 108 Deck has good stats

Monday, October 19, 2015

FreeKI Games Trivia: Norse Mythology Answers

Here's the complete guide to the Norse Mythology Trivia on FreeKI Games. I figured since my blog is Norse-themed, I should make this guide. This is the only trivia guide I'm planning to make unless they make a Grizzleheim/Ravenscar/Wintertusk trivia. 

  1. Who was the goddess of old age? Elli
  2. Who was the god of the dawn? Delling
  3. Norse Mythology is the mythology of what group of people? North Germanic
  4. Who was the god of skiing, winter, hunting, and dueling? Ullr
  5. Who was the god of inspiration? Kvasir
  6. Who was the goddess of the sea? Ran
  7. Who was the goddess of joy and peace? Nanna
  8. Who was the god of justice, peace, and truth? Forseti
  9. Who was the god of thunder and battle? Thor
  10. Who was the goddess of prudence? Snotra
  11. Who was the god of strength and son of Thor? Magni
  12. Who was the goddess of marriage and motherhood? Frigg
  13. Baldr was the god of what? Beauty, Innocence, Peace, and Rebirth
  14. Who was Odin's father? Borr
  15. Who was the first Norse god? Buri
  16. Who was the goddess of consolation and protection? Hlin
  17. Who was the god of daytime? Dagr
  18. Who was the goddess of healing? Eir
  19. Who was the god of mischief? Loki
  20. Who was the goddess of night? Nott
  21. Who was the god of poetry, music, and the harp? Bragi
  22. Who was the god of revenge? Vali
  23. Who was the goddess of spring? Eostre
  24. Who was the goddess of the sun? Sol
  25. Who was the god of war and the "All-Father?" Odin
  26. Who was the goddess of wisdom? Vor
  27. Who was the goddess of fertility and plough? Gefjun
  28. Who was the wife of Thor and goddess of the harvest? Sif

If any of this information is incorrect or you have a question that wasn't listed, please comment below and I will fix or add it!

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Lore of the Runes

Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

Long before, in the times of old, when Ravens ruled the sky and wolves ruled the night, the great King Hragar taught all he knew to Eorl. Eorl later became king. Before this, King Hragar fought with Konur, a young rune-reader. Konur won the battle.

Konur soon mastered the magic and power of the runes. Runes can break sorrow, bind wounds, break chains, and stop arrows in flight. Runes can reverse a curse on the caster and calm the angriest of hearts. They can strengthen allies and make the dead speak.

Konur used the runes for good. The mother of the grendels sought safety for her child. She visited the spider queen, requesting her protection. The spider queen took a vow she couldn't keep, leaving the grendels defenseless. This caused the grendels to grow evil within their kin, spreading through out the land and terrorizing the tribes. Konur harnessed the runes and banished the grendels to the depths of Jotunheim.

As Konur wandered throughout the land, doing good by the power of the runes, the grendels grew stronger and angrier. With Konur's attention drawn elsewhere, the grendels escaped to Nidavellir.

Konur's enemies grew stronger and his powers grew weaker. Finally, he was overwhelmed by his enemies. The great hero's powers finally vanished, leaving him vulnerable to the creatures of Grizzleheim. The grendels finally left Nidavellir, spilling out into the land. Konur could not control the grendels running amok, and was quickly captured. 

The grendels instilled hatred and violence into Konur. The once great Konur was corrupted and unleashed upon the tribes. Konur reeked chaos between the tribes, often relaying the blame on a tribe. Division soon formed, each tribe being untrustworthy. The land became divided.

Today the runes are a stark reminder of a better time. They tell the tale of the noblest of Grizzleheim's heroes.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer

Hallo wizards! Hallo is Norwegian for Hello. This post has nothing to do with Wizard101. Well, maybe a little bit. Anyways, I'm an avid reader. I read all types of books at different reading levels, mainly ones that are above my age. There is, however, one author that I will always read no matter how old I am... that author is Rick Riordan.

I'm positive almost everyone knows about my "slight" obsession with Norse Mythology. Well, isn't it convenient that my good friend Rick decided to write a series on one of my favorite topics? 

I'm literally getting it tomorrow. So much hype! I'm not just writing about it because I think its cool, I honestly would like to get everyone to read this. If you are at all fascinated by Grizzleheim, this book will help you gain an understanding of the close relationship between Norse Mythology and Grizzleheim. You'll end up learning it in a fun way that will stick with you for a long time. 

The story is centered around Magnus Chase, who happens to be Annabeth Chase's cousin. (Percy Jackson and the Olymians, The Heroes of Olympus) Apparently Asgard is in serious danger and as always, the gods need a hero. You can read a better summary here. 

The official release day is October 6th, 2015.
Want to learn more about Rick Riordan? Check out his website here. 

Anyone want to make a book club from this? (Wizards Book Club) Or just a reading circle for this specific book?

P.S. I do not support all the new Norse Mythology bandwagoners. I strongly dislike you because I was the original fan! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Polaris Gear

After the extra confirmation from KingsIsle, we now know with out the slightest bit of doubt that the next world is Polaris! Polaris is an icy, French/Russian world first seen in Pirate101. If you want to read more, Check out Frostcaller's Article on Polaris. For my contribution to the Polaris discussion, I've been asked to discuss possible gear designs for Polaris.

Polarian Gear
Wizard101 is known to base every world and every aspect off of real life counterparts. I think what we can expect is a lot of common clothing of the average and noble people of France, Russia, and possibly neighboring countries during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. (1769-1821)
Us girls in beautiful dresses fighting blood-thirsty penguins? I think yes!

Imagine the stats on something like this!?

"Nice sword! Where did you get that?" -Average Noob

'Cause baby its cold... out... side!

Honestly, I think our wizards will be wearing something similar to this. Its definitely going to have a lot of coats, hats, and boots. Perhaps the high-stat gear may look like a general/military uniform? Maybe we will once again have sword wands? Maybe icicle weapons or even a globus cruciger. Just look that up if you don't know what it is. We do have a version of it dropped in the four dungeons. (I believe)

What other gear do you think we'll see in Polaris? What do you think they'll be called? 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Update

Happy October, Wizards! I'm happy to finally have some time to make a post! Here's your October Update...

September 2015

This September, Wizard101 celebrated it's 7th birthday with gifts, benefits, KI Live, and fun birthday trivia. I hope everyone had a good time, gained much from the member benefits and entered many of the fansite contests.

October is here!

Halloween is back and better than ever! This year, we are getting more than just our normal spooky items. A Mummy and Vampire costume with no stats are now available during the scary season!

Spooky Bob, our holiday vendor, has returned! He's bringing 3 familiar pets back!

Jack Hallow is back in the commons with his ever-so challenging quests. Free-to-Play members can complete most of the story, but members can complete the entire story while its available.

Dworgyn's Nosferabbit quest returns! Complete it to receive a FREE frakenbunny pet. The dungeon is repeatable and gives a chance at good loot drops!

The Halloween fish have returned their haunting presence in out favorite fishing holes. Catch some of these fish before their spirits vanish!

Extra Life

KingsIsle is once again participating in Extra Life. Please check it out and donate! Plenty of rewards are being offered for a good cause. On November 7th, 2015, gamers will attempt to play a video game for 24 hours to help their local Children's Miracle Network hospitals. 


Even though most of us knew, Wizard101 officially confirmed that our next world is Polaris! First mentioned in Pirate101, this icy world is based off of Russia. Intelligent penguins with a possible past time of fishing inhabit the land. 

I can't wait to see what this world brings and the new level cap. 

Have a great October!
-Cheyenne Caster, Level 82 Archmage Sorcerer