Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kirin's Hoard Pack to be Retired

Kirin's Hoard Pack
Hello wizards, I'm sorry to bring some bad news. Kirin's Hoard Pack is to be retired soon. There is a plus side to this! From now until August 23rd at 11:59 PM U.S. Central Time, the pack is 50% off. The removal of this pack could also signify a new pack! That's something worth hoping for!

About This Pack
The Kirin's Hoard Pack is a MooShu - Based pack, granting numerous cool prizes. Notable prizes include the Kirin Mounts and the Foo Dogs. This awesome pack won't be with us much longer, so be sure to buy some! 

-If you would like to see a full list of possible items from the pack, please click here.
-If you would like to see the official announcement, please click here.

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Winged Catastrophe Pet

A new pet that was discovered recently is the Winged Catastrophe. Following the wake of the Dragonfly, wizards are jumping at a chance to discover the possible new hybrid and get their hands on a soon-to-be must have pet.

Is it a hybrid?
There's a very real possibility that it is a hybrid, but it's now a confirmed Ultra-Rare drop from The Harrowing Nightmare Pack. There's plenty of possibilities for this pet, but my guess is it includes a Black Cat because of the item card. I would also say the other parent is a Meow Wing, but that was tested and remains unconfirmed.
Possible Parents include (this is a random order)

  • Meow Wing
  • Black Cat
  • Dragon (of some sort)
  • Shadow Beast
  • Nightmare

Learn about this pet by clicking this link.

For now we can just wait and see, or be part of some hatching tests! Keep an eye on Twitter and Wizard101 Central to help solve this possible hybrid mystery!

If you discover or confirm anything, PLEASE comment! 

Good luck and happy hatching!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Update

Hello everyone, and happy August! Wizard101's monthly newsletter is now up, so check it out!

Here's what's happening around the spiral...

Wizard101 House-a-Palooza 2015
Wizard101 brings us House-a-Palooza! This year, we are getting new furniture sets, furniture plots, and plenty of sales! Check out the Crown Shop to see for yourself!

Enter the code "summerfun" for a free item!

Wizard101 Central 7th Birthday
Wizard101 Central is turning 7 this month, so to celebrate they are doing a lot of giveaways! The highlight is the raffle, with 500 luck entrants winning some cool prizes! If you win the raffle, you get:

  • Danger Hound
  • Umbra Blade
  • Energy Elixir
  • 200-20,000 Codes
You can only enter and win once! Good Luck to everyone!

Happy 7th Birthday, Wizard101 Central!

What happened in the spiral...

  • Paige Moonshade held her annual "Best Little Dorm" Contest
  • KI Live happened on July 31st, 2015
  • Ultra Summer was released, bringing Ultra Seeds, Dungeons, and Pet levels
  • The Dragonfly pet and it's parents were discovered
  • The Solar Saber Cat mount was released
  • Selena Gomez's Ghost visited the spiral for a short time in the Storm School
  • Christmas came to the spiral for a brief time
  • The 5 BOXES event visited again
  • 4th of July brought us a new mount
  • Shark Week gave us a fun fish to catch and fun prizes!

The Solar Sabercat Mount

Wouldn't it be super cool if there's a Solar Sabercat pet? If so, do think it's a hybrid? What parents? Is it a drop? Where from? 
I think that if its a hybrid, the parents are Sabertooth + Astral Judge

Member Benefits end today!
This month's member benefit, free tournaments, will end today! Hurry and rake up those PvP tickets!