Monday, February 29, 2016

Aquila Housing Items Guide

Aquila is a super cool world/dungeon zone. It's a shame there isn't a housing vendor or furniture pack. The best we wizards can do is visit Aquila and search for some hidden items. Some of the items are auctionable and sell for a good amount of gold. Please look closely at each map to locate the green arrow, which indicates the exact location of each item.

Garden of Hesperides

Olympian Herb


The Olympian Herb can be found near Khalkos Coppersmith opposite to the Mount Olympus dungeon. 

Mount Olympus

Banner of Apollo

The Banner of Apollo can be found in the Sun Room where you defeat Apollo Bright One. It is located near the entrance to the room.

Grand Statue of Zeus

The Grand Statue of Zeus can be found directly in front of the Sky Balcony, when you defeat the guards on your way to Ares. It is so big and massive that you can't miss it.


Atlantea Grand Monument

The Atlantea Grand Monument can be found right when you walk in to Atlantea, near Hermes. 

Atlantean Arch


The Atlantean Arch can be found to the left in Akheilo's Sanctum.

Nine Fathoms Pedestal

The Nine Fathoms Pedestal can be found to the far back right in Teles' Sanctum.


Underworld Brazier

The Underworld Brazier can be found near the broken statue by the River of Spirits. Be careful of the Bronze Hoplites as they can easily pull you into battle.

Ember Stone of Tartarus

The Ember Stone of Tartarus can also be found near the River of Spirits.

Hades the Unseen Mural

 The Hades the Unseen Mural can be found in the place where you battle Hades, I decided to use a picture over the map because it's a lot more accurate. 

I hope you enjoyed this guide! Good luck on getting these items.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party

Frostcaller throws amazing parties. Edward Lifegem threw an amazing party earlier this year. But what happens when two amazing party-throwers team up? Frostcaller held an amazing International Polar Bear Day party in his Polarian Shipwreck with the help of Edward! So many wizards showed up, even a few "famous" wizards! 

Paige Moonshade, Frostcaller (Hidden by a random wizard) and I
Paige Moonshade came and was flocked by MANY wizards! Her outfit was so cool! Unfortunately my Polar Bear is in the way... oops. I tried to get a picture with Edward Wintergem, but he ran off to never be found again...

We were able to get a group picture... Look how many Polar Bears there were! This was a super fun picture to take.

My outfit changed often.... haha

Some amazing duelists from around the spiral battled their hearts out! There was some amazing battles going down. I personally enjoyed the viking statues.

Frostcaller's house was amazing! It was so gorgeous both inside and out! Going inside the house felt like going to a ball! 

I had an amazing time at Frostcaller's and Edward Lifegem's party! Amazing job planning and carrying out the party. Thank you for being amazing Community Leaders and giving everyone a fun time!

Don't forget the upcoming Easter Bunny Run held by Edward Lifegem, especially if you missed this! It's gonna be super fun!

What was your favorite part of the party? Share below!

Thanks again Frostcaller and Edward Lifegem!
~ Cheyenne Caster, Nordic Champion & Vaden the Polar Bear

Monday, February 22, 2016

Worlds of the Spiral

This post was requested a while back, so I decided to finally do it!

There are many worlds in the Spiral. They are so very different from each other. Some are crazy hot, others are freakishly cold. Regardless, each world is unique and has an amazing story. Check out these brief descriptions of both the storyline worlds and side worlds.

1st Arc Main Worlds

Wizard City
The very first world our wizards quest in. This world is Renaissance themed. It is centered around Bartleby, the world tree. Home to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and threatened by Lord Nightshade. You can access Aquila and Darkmoor from this world.

The second world of the storyline. This world is Ancient Egyptian themed and is home to the Manders and the Kroks. Explored by the Royal Marleybonian Expeditionary Force and threatened by Krokopatra. You can access Kembaalung and The Upper Zigazag from this world.

The third world of the storyline. This world is Victorian English themed and is home to Cats, Dogs, Rats, Golems, and other creatures of the night. Home to Big Ben and Barkingham Palace and threatened by Dr. Von Katzenstein.

Moo Shu
The fourth world of the storyline. This world is a blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures. Home to Samoorai and Ninja Pigs. Threatened by the Jade Oni.

The fifth world of the storyline. This world is a Byzantine themed world. The world was once a thriving military world and home to the esteemed Dragonspyre Academy, a rival school to Ravenwood. Home to dragons and ghosts of the past. Malistaire Drake was finally caught and defeated in this world.

1st Arc Side Worlds

A side world given access to at Level 20. This Nordic themed world is a trading post in the spiral. Home to Viking Bears, Wolves and Ravens. This world is threatened by The Coven and the Everwinter.

A side world given access to at Level 20. This beautiful world is home to another esteemed magical school, Pigswick Academy, which is another major rival to Ravenwood. Inhabited by sneaky Pigs and Goblins. This world is threatened by a Vine.

A side world given access to at Level 30. This Ancient Greek themed world is home to the Immortals. Wizards participate in The Immortal Games, the ultimate test of skills. Home to the glorious gods and their bird legion. Aquila's greatest threat is YOU!

A side world given access to at Level 40. This world is the icy expansion to Grizzleheim. Also home to Bears, Wolves, and Ravens. This world is home to Grandmother Raven, the narrator of your story. Threatened by The Coven, The Four Sons of Ymir, and The Everwinter.

2nd Arc Main Worlds

The sixth world of the storyline. This Atlantis themed world was once a powerful empire capable of harnessing the power of Astral Magic. Home of Crabs, Sharks, and other sea creatures. Threatened by Mithraya and.

The seventh world of the storyline. This African themed world is heavily influenced by folklore. Home to Lions, Zebras, Elephants, and Apes. This world is threatened by corrupt ghosts and the Starburt Spiders.

The eighth world of the storyline. This Medieval themed world is full of magical forests and knights. The home world of Headmaster Merle Ambrose was led by King Artorius. Inhabited by Goblins, Knights, and other Fairy Tale Creatures. Threatened by the White Dragon.

The ninth world of the storyline. This Mayan and Aztecan themed world is doomed by Xibalba, a comet that appeared in the sky. Azteca is filled with pyramids, ruins, and beautiful scenery. Home to Aztecosaurs and Parrots. This world is threatened by the corrupted souls of Morganthe, including Malistaire the Undying.

The tenth and final world of the 2nd Arc storyline. This insect themed world is a fragment lost in time. Inhabited by Scorpions, Centipedes, and other insects, this world is the final fight between the Council of Light and Morganthe, the Shadow Queen.

3rd Arc Main Worlds

The eleventh world of the storyline. This cold, Russian themed world is under a harsh tyranny. The pengouins, a rebel group, seeks overthrow the empress. This world is home to Penguins, Polar Bears, and Walruses. This world is threatened by Rasputin.

The twelfth world of the storyline. This dry, Arabian themed world is being torn apart by factions. The worlds is home to Cats.

I will update this list when more worlds or expansions are added!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love Letters from Malistaire Drake

Malistaire Drake has a well-known reputation for being evil and borderline insane. But way before his campaign to awaken the Dragon Titan, Malistaire Drake was just your average Death student with a love worth dying for. Check out these letters he wrote to the love of his life, Sylvia. Maybe your opinion will change... a little.

25 years ago...

My Dearest Sylvia,
   It has been so long since I've seen you. I cannot simply bear your absence! Your beauty astounds me, Sylvia! My life is complete with you! Please privilege me with your presence on Friday! I would love to take you to my favorite restaurant in Marleybone. 
With Love,

My lovely Malistaire,
It has been too long since I've seen you! Oh, Mali! Your words give me so much happiness. I would love to accompany you in Marleybone. I have never met a Death wizard as happy and respectful as you! You have become the a huge part of me.

Until Friday,

20 years ago...

My Dear, 
   Today I saw the sunrise. Today I watched a flower in bloom. These things were beautiful, yet their beauty met no match to yours. There is nothing in this world that I love more than you. 


Sweet Malistaire,
No one, not a single person, has ever amazed me so much as you. Your words leave me with great joy! You have succeeded where I have failed. You complete me like death and life going hand in hand.


10 years ago...

You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You were the reason I got up every day. You put the smile on my face. You showed me that life had more meaning than inevitable death. And now the one thing that held so much meaning in my life has been torn away from me. I know you'll never read this...
Your loving husband,

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Top 5 Rarest Items

Wizard101 has a lot of cool things to grab. Whether it's a wand, mount, housing item, or pet, there just never seems to be enough of them. They always seem to look cool or give amazing stats! I have comprised a list of what I think is the most rarest, based solely on my observations, and in no particular order.

1. Valor

The Valor Sword was a promotional wand given to wizards in 2009. This beautiful life sword has long since been retired. I've never seen anyone with Valor. It's undoubtedly one of the rarest items in the Spiral.

2. Pioneer Dragon Mount

The Pioneer Dragon mount was a gift for players who created an account before September 2nd, 2008. Not many people made an account before the official launch. I've probably seen 2 or 3 in game. I've seen a lot of it's relative, the Frontier Dragon Mount. 

3. Sheep Pet

The Sheep pet IS the most rare pet in the Spiral. Given to KingsIsle employees and some people as a rare gift, this pet CANNOT  be received from a hatch. You'll receive your pet or a Goat Monk pet from the hatch. 

4. Spider Altar and Spider Table

The Spider Altar and Spider Table were originally given out as prizes in 2012. Today, they are unobtainable. These furniture pieces are very, very unique and are very cool to put in your house. I am fortunate to own the Spider Altar. 

5. Lifebane Treasure Card

The Lifebane Treasure Card dispelled all incoming life spells. It has been retired, and can only be obtained via trade. Not many are left, so when the final treasure card has been cast... the spell is no longer in existence. This treasure card is so sought-after that Wizard101 Central members pay thousands of forum gold for the trade. If you have a Lifebane treasure card, don't use it! Save it, sell it, or trade it!

If you possess any of these items, congratulations! You have some extremely rare items! Have fun showing off your awesomeness.

What do you think are the rarest items in the Spiral? Let me know in the comments! I look forward to seeing your ideas. :)