Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet

The newest bundle in Wizard101 is the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet! This gauntlet provides players with a great four part dueling experience and an exclusive fishing voyage. Jock Coosto assists your wizard through this grand Celestia-themed voyage! The Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet is available at Walmart for $39. If you are having trouble locating this card, check KingsIsle's list of locations!

What's Included
- Fantastic Voyage Expedition

- Shark Skirunner Mount

- Peppy Porpoise Pet

- Abyssal Warrior's Suit

- Abyssal Eel Whip

- 1 Month of Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Fantastic Voyage Expedition
This challenging four battle dungeon is not for the faint-of-heart. The first three battles are simple enough, but the final battle culminates in an extremely tough cheating boss! When you finish the gauntlet, you get a free +33% Fishing Luck Elixir and access to Data Atoll, the fishing island. You can access this island with out doing the quest, but you'll have to successfully complete the dungeon once to do so. The unique fish caught is the Microfish.

Shark Skirunner Mount
The Shark Skirunner Mount is a clockwork Celestian contraption built to boost your speed by 50%! This great looking mount will help you get from place to place in a timely manner. It is the second mount to give a speed increase!

Peppy Porpoise Pet
Need some pep in your mundane wizarding life? Magical studies bogging you down? Enter the Peppy Porpoise Pet! This cute little pet starts off with a 69 Pedigree and a Lifespear card at Baby. If you can't buy the gauntlet, you can hatch it in the Hatchery.

Abyssal Warrior's Suit & Abyssal Eel Whip
This unique set of gear provides a hodgepodge of stat boosts. As with previous bundle gear, I recommend using the gear for supplementary or stand-in use. All the stats are universal. The cards seem very useful.

The Abyssal Eel Whip looks very intimidating, but the stats aren't. I don't think the wand has enough lashing power to really be useful. However, the two May Cast cards, Wild Bolt and Healing Current (casts as Ice), may satisfy some wizards, but the unpredictability and unreliability of May Cast cards aren't worth it in my opinion. This flashy wand would make a great stitch though!

This bundle is really cool! I like the Skark Skirunner Mount and the Peppy Porpoise Pet. I think the expedition-like gauntlet is a neat idea. This is a great bundle with some really cool components, great supplementary gear, and an entertaining experience.

What drops have you been getting from the gauntlet? Have you caught any fishing chests? What did you receive from the chests? Comment below!

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