Monday, July 20, 2015

New Dragonfly Pet

A recent image, tweeted by @aliciafiresword has taken the community by storm! Now, what could this be? Why, a new pet! It's name: The Dragonfly

Picture Credits to @Aliciafiresword

What a sight! A new pet! Immediately theories arose. The owner has said the following:
  • It's a hybrid
  • One of the parents is the Bumble Bee
One twizard looked in deeper, finding this astonishing clue:

Credit to @calamitypixieshade

As you can see, this pictures a Dragonfly pet in a cage. In the quest involved, you help Chaz find his pets. Off to far right, which isn't part of this picture, is 2 cages stacked on top of each other. Guess what is in these cages?
  • Tarantula Hawk
  • Pesky Beetle
Could these be the magic duo to get the Dragonfly pet? Nope, it contradicts the owner's statement of one of the parents being a Bumble Bee. It could be a mix for something else. This theory has been debunked since KingsIsle's hint.

Confirmed to be a real pet - Pic Creds to someone on twitter 


Dropped by Gladiator Dimachereus in Pit of Noxi?
Final Boss in Black Hole Dungeon?

The Magic Combo is...
Defender Dragon + Bumblebee

What we know:
  • Crowns Pet
  • Hybrid
  • Boss Drop
  • 5 Minutes to Hatch
  • "Jade Egg"
  • Includes Bumble Bee and Defender Dragon 
Going back to the caged pets for the Chaz quest, we see 2 existing pets displayed as a possible hybrid. If we start looking around the spiral, we see other hints!

The Hatchery Hint
You've seen it, but it hasn't crossed your mind as a possible combo. What is it?

  • (Stray) Piggle
  • Red Gobbler
It's right there! I bet that is the combo for the Orange Gobbler!

If you have received the pet from hatch as a hybrid or drop, please comment! Or any thoughts on my Orange Gobbler Theory, also comment!

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