Monday, July 6, 2015


A beautiful world based off Norse mythology. This world is covered in glaciers, towering trees, rushing streams, moss, and angry clan members. During your time in Grizzleheim, you try to unite 3 groups: The Bears, The Wolves, and The Ravens.

You are called here at level 40 to encounter The Coven, the infamous group trying to bring forth the Everwinter. It is your job to try and defeat these ravens before they succeed.

The Coven is at it again! They are now closer to bringing forth the Everwinter! You journey to four parts of the land, divided evenly among the four sons of the ice titan Ymir. Austri, Nordri, Sudri, and Vestri are Ymir's sons. The Coven plans to awaken Ymir to bring about the Everwinter!

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