Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Essential Christmas Decorations

Christmas is around the corner, and wizards are pulling out the decorations. Do you want to make your house festive? These items are essential for setting the mood!

First, you have to have music! Check out these three scrolls to set the tone.

  • Carol of the Bells Theme
  • Jingle Bells Theme
  • Deck the Halls Theme

This item, called the "Big Holiday Tree" is available in the Crown Shop for 1,500 c/ 7,500 g. It's also dropped from the Yuletide and Wonderland packs, as well as a few bosses through out the Spiral. This includes the Jade Oni, Othin Stormfather, and Elephant Spectral Guardian. While it;s not available in the bazaar it is somewhat easy to obtain. This item is an icon of the holidays.

This item makes any room cozy. Besides, on Christmas Eve, where does Santa come in? This adds a great touch to your house and makes everything festive! Easily buy it from the bazaar as it is auctionable.

Any of the gifts are a great touch under the tree. Use it to prior to "gifting" someone to add a more realistic touch. Availability varies per item, so check the bazaar often.

The Nutcracker is super cute and is a great accent piece. It's available in the bazaar so be sure to grab one at your next stop!

All the light strands are beautiful! They are even cool after the holidays! Available in the Crown Shop or for free when you enter the code SPIRALLIGHTS before December 17th, 11;59 pm.

This cute snowman brings character to the outdoor areas of your house! Available in the Crowns Shop for both crowns and gold, it is also dropped by numerous bosses, but is not auctionable.

The Holiday Wreath, another awesome item that is available in the Crown Shop for both gold and crowns. It is not auctionable but is dropped in the holiday packs.

The Grand Winter Globe is a highly coveted winter item! It brings snow to your house! This item is auctionable, but be sure that you only have 20! That's the max on how much you can have of it.

There are many other holiday items to add to your house! But if you at least have some of these, your house will have a lot of holiday cheer! Don't forget to check the 12 Days of the Spiral page for giveaways, news, and deals! Have an amazing holiday and happy decorating!

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