Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fishing or Farming for Gold: Zafaria vs Halfang

When you need gold, what do you think of? The first thing that probably popped in your head was Halfang Bristlecrown. He drops an amulet that sells for over 8,000 gold! But what if there was another source that could bring you more gold? Zafaria fishing could be the answer.

 Pros of Farming Halfang
  • There's usually a lot of people to team up with, so battles are quick
  • He drops a lot of different stuff that can add up to 8,000 gold if you weren't lucky enough to get the Cow's Pearl Amulet
  • For some, the amulet drops often
  • Halfang drops Gold Miner Opal (+10% more gold)
  • Unlimited battles
Cons of Farming Halfang
  • Sometimes there's so many people that you can't get into the dungeon and you have to switch realms to one with less people 
    • Or... you're online at a bad time and no one is around to speed up to process
  • Some battles will only give you a reagent 
  • Sometimes the amulet drops once or twice on a bad day

Pros of Fishing in Zafaria
  • Most fish sell for a lot of gold
  • It's pretty easy to catch a fish
  • Using a death lure, try to catch chests which give you 2,000 gold plus a new Zafaria wand, Promo Wand, or Zafaria Furniture (in Elephant Graveyard)
  • It's a good pastime when questing starts to infuriate you
Cons of Fishing in Zafaria
  • Sentinels that aren't scared away can ruin your chances of catching a fish
  • You aren't guaranteed a chest every time you use a death lure
  • Once you're out of energy, you're done
    • If you use crowns to buy an elixir, that defeats the purpose of trying to earn some gold
  • Fishing can become just as frustrating as questing

So, which is easier and more efficient? This depends on your style and preference. Both ways are extremely rewarding and will definitely work. In my opinion, Halfang is still the best source of gold.

Nordic Champion's Strategy for a Day of Gold 
Start the day fishing in Zafaria. Fish in Elephant Graveyard on a less populated realm. Be sure to banish all sentinels and use the death lure (rank 2 or 3) to try and catch chests. Once you're out of energy, stop by the Bazaar and sell anything you can. Drop by Lucky Hookline to cash in your fish. After that, go to Vestrilund to battle Halfang until your backpack is full. Sell at the Bazaar and repeat until your energy is filled up again, then return to Zafaria and restart the strategy.

Which way of earning gold do you prefer more? Did you try my strategy? If you have any helpful tips to earning gold, share it in the comments below!

P.S. - Tomorrow Nordic Champion turns 1!

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