Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Complete Guide to Stat-Boosting Mounts

This is the complete guide to all stat-boosting mounts in the game, to date.

Crystal Unicorn

  • Dyeable
  • How Obtained: Jewelcrafter's Bundle
  • Stat Boost: +2% Universal Accuracy

Battle Narwhal
  • Not Dyeable
  • How Obtained: Polarian Explorer's Bundle
  • Stat Boost: +2% Universal Damage

Waddling Witch Hut
  • Not Dyeable
  • How Obtained: Witch's Hoard Pack
  • Stat Boost: +2% Power Pip Chance

Mammoth Mini
Image result for wizard101 mammoth mini
  • Not Dyeable
  • How Obtained: Crown Shop or as a drop from Warlord Minak in Polaris
  • Stat Boost: +2% Outgoing Heals

Clockwork Courser                                                              

  • Dyeable
  • How Obtained: Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle
  • Stat Boost: +2% Pierce 

Ghulture School Themed Mounts

  • Not Dyeable (Colors correspond with its respective school)
  • How Obtained: Ghulture's Hoard Pack
  • Stat Boost: +3% Damage (Fire, Ice, Storm, Death, Life, or Myth, Respectively) or +2% Damage - Universal (Balance mount)

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