Sunday, July 31, 2016

Is Double Rewards for Daily Assignments Worth It?

Daily Assignments was one of the newest features to the game. It gave us small rewards for playing each day, and usually didn't require to much effort to complete. Recently, KingsIsle introduced the newest member benefit: Double Rewards for Daily Assignments! Sounds pretty nice, right? But is it worth it?

Daily Assignments rewards very small prizes. However, doubled prizes adds up fairly quickly. Depending on how long the benefit lasts and where you are currently at, you can easily pick up some extra currency. The total double rewards for the entire 15 days of assignments is as follows:
  • 12,600 Gold
  • 60 Arena Tickets 
  • 100 Crowns 
The Arena Ticket total alone is pretty nice. The Gold total isn't super great, put who doesn't want free gold? 100 Crowns is a lot for something that isn't normally free. Though these totals are small, multiple wizards completing the assignment adds up quickly. You could end up with 600 Crowns for your account!

...And it gets better! On Chest days, you get access to a whole different loot role than normally given! This means better drops and happy wizards.

Member Rewards Bonus - Picture Credits to Stars of the Spiral

So, is it worth it to partake in Double Rewards? In my opinion, it certainly is. Doubled Crowns is an offer I wouldn't pass up. Plus, if you're a maxed wizard. what else could you possibly be doing? 

What's your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

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