Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Hall of the Ice Forge

Picture credits to Wizard's Keep
Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

The Hall of the Ice Forge, perhaps one of Grizzleheim's best kept secrets. The greatest craters of the land come here. Those who come possess great honor, but it takes a humble heart to wield the hammer of the Ice Forge. Yes, the wizards use their magic to lift the hammer, but it is truly caused by their selfless acts for the cause of the Spiral.

There was once a great crafter who was true to his trade. Many of the inhabitants of Grizzleheim knew him. He would forge great weapons for the warriors of the North, but he himself could not wield the weapons. For it is of Grizzleheim tradition that the warriors be the only to wield the weapons. So the great crafter never wielded a single sword of which he made.

Each and every weapon he made was created with great passion. Each magic enhancing jewel combination was hand made and unique. Each sword was built for the warrior it was bestowed to, and could never function under a different warrior. This is what made the sword so unique and valuable, and what catapulted the crafter into fame.

If the owner died valorously in battle, the sword was returned to the great crafter, who would melt the sword. A sword with such great magic coursing within could not be easily reused. Because of this the great crafter created a forge near the center of Grizzleheim. He erected a statue to me, so that he could draw on my strength to create the best swords.

The cooling nature of the forge caused excellent results. The icy blades helped the Bears fend off the barbarian tribes. The blades created at the forge were the most beautiful in the land. Not a single crafter in all of Grizzleheim could even come close to recreating the sheer power and beauty of the swords created by the great crafter.

As time went on, and the great crafter grew older, a mighty hammer was made to help the crafter. For now, in his old-weakened state, it was getting increasingly harder to make the swords. The hammer his touch the best, and could only be wielded by him.

Finally, in one of the darkest days in Grizzleheim history, the great crafter died. In his last moments, he noted to those standing near, "The hammer at my forge cannot be wielded by all, but by those with the humblest of hearts and the purest of intents." Many great warriors came to wield the hammer, but only the  selfless in battle were successful. Even the lowliest of Bears could wield the hammer if their intents were pure.

To this day, only the purest of wizards and crafters can use the forge. The great crafter's magic still courses through the hammer as the orange radiant light. So be humble, dear wizard. Bask in the light of your life. Be the guide that shines for others. Wield the hammer at the Hall of the Ice Forge.

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