Friday, October 14, 2016

New Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

The newest holiday themed pack in Wizard101 is the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack! This spooky Halloween pack comes with plenty of new items for your wizard to enjoy.

For 299 crowns, you could get some pretty awesome items. This pack includes:

  • Gloomthorn Vine Mount
  • Bat Swarm Mount
  • Jack O Lantern Pet with new Headless Horseman Spell
  • Werewolf Armor
  • Moon Staff Weapons
  • Halloween House Guests
  • .... and many more awesome items!
Top 3 Things to Get
If you're not quire sure what to hope for in the pack, here's my Top 3 things to receive from the pack! Leave a comment below about your Top 3 Favorite things in this pack!

Bat Swarm Mount via Stars of the Spiral
1. Bat Swarm Mount
This super cool mount turns your character invisible! All that's left is a swarm of bats! Pretty cool, right? 

2. Moon Staff Weapons
They look super cool and are super flashy. Although not among the powerful pack wands, it still has its own unique abilities that may fill in gaps that other gear simply can't fill. But seriously, have you seen these wands? Nice job on the design KI!

3. Halloween House Guests
What's a Halloween party without ghosts- I mean, guests? These items will make your haunted house even more scary! Since they bring to life many essential aspects of making a successful haunted house, this item is a must!
One of the Moon Staff weapons via Swordroll

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