Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Witch's Hoard Pack

The new Witch's Hoard Pack has been released in Wizard101. The new pack, going for 399 crowns, is a Polaris and Ice themed pack! These are the items KingsIsle highlighted:
  • New Waddling Witch Hut Mount
  • New Wildwood Yeti Pet
  • Ice Floe Siren Pet
  • New Seal Team Equipment and Weapons
  • Polaris-themed Housing Items
  • Animated Pingouins Housing Items
  • Much More!

The Waddling Witch's Hut is the most highly-sought after item in the pack. It's unique appearance is a draw to many players. This is the first pack mount that gives stats! Along with 40% speed increase, the Waddling Witch's Hunt gives 2% Power Pips chance!

The gear in this pack is also very unique in appearance. The stats, however, do not impress me. Waterworks, Hades, and Darkmoor gear are more useful in the upper levels. For upper level wizards, I would not stress trying to complete the set. For mid and lower level wizards, this gear is pretty good, considering it caters a small bit to every need. Since this gear doesn't seem to specialize in a certain style of fighting, Balance wizards may benefit the most from this gear. In my opinion, all equipment is best as a supplementary piece or to fill in a missing part of a set.

This pack is bursting with Polaris furniture! If your favorite world is Polaris, this is an excellent pack. Some new items worth mentioning is the Polaris Music Player and animated Pingouins items. Looking to decorate your Polarian Shipwreck? This pack is sure to please. I think the biggest draw to this pack is the furniture. ***currently all pack furniture is No Auction.

Other cool items in this pack include the pets! Dropping the new Wildwood Yeti and Ice Floe Siren, this pack is a must for pet collectors! It's also dropping first generation hybrids and old pets, such as the Ice Cat and Ice Bat. (Rhyme not intended)

Get your super COOL Witch's Hoard Pack today! Best of luck!

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