Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead

Happy New Year! Finally, 2016! I must say, 2015 was a great year. I started my blog, we got tons of new content... but that is all in the past! It's time to look forward, and on the subject of my blog.

I started my blog on July 1st, 2015. Since then, it's gone a long way. Today is my 6 month blogoversary! I'm not going list out all my accomplishments just yet... I'll save that for my 1 year. Instead, I'm going to tell you what to expect from my blog in the coming year, plus some other topics.

The Purpose of Nordic Champion
As some of you may know, I tweeted a little about the purpose of my blog. But there's more to elaborate on.

The purpose of this blog is beyond writing guides, news, parodies, and stories. You may have noticed that I connect the real world with the game. Ever since I started the game, I was always trying to find the real-life equivalent in the game. When I would find it, I would always be able to understand the game better and for some, figure out the inspiration of a world. (Cough Cough Dragonspyre) 

I feel that when I incorporate the game and real life together, you can understand the game on a deeper level. I don't mean to be your history teacher, I just find this stuff interesting. And hey, it doesn't hurt to know something. Maybe you'll be on a game show and win $1,000,000 because you knew that Ymir's four sons are Nordri, Sudri, Vestri, and Austri. 

Wizard101 is a story that can be studied, just like a piece of literature. And if you were studying a book, you may look into the time period and gain a little knowledge about the story. By doing this, you understand the story even more.

Obviously, I also write guides. I want to make the game a little easier, especially in places where I've had trouble. I write the Ymir stories and Parodies to entertain you. I think that it's a refreshing change from History, News, and Guides. 

I think when this is all combined, my blog can deliver for every audience. I feel that my readers gain a little extra from my blog. I enjoy writing everything and enjoying my knowledge. I look forward to this year!

Looking Ahead
This year, I am going to advance my blog forward. I'm planning on changing some cosmetic parts, such as a header. I would like to add a Twitter gadget. I will remain a blog. 

Here's what I will try to do:
  • Giveaways
  • More posts
    • Guides, Ymir, and History
  • Parties or Meet-Ups
Here are a few goals of 2016:
  • Better connection with the community
    • More comments on my posts
  • More views; 1,500 a month
    • 12,000 by July 1st
  • Followers/Friends: Check the gadgets on the right to join or follow my site.
  • Better looking blog
I hope I will achieve all, if not many of these goals.

Cheyenne Caster
My wizard, Cheyenne Caster, is level 83. She is an Archmage Sorcerer in Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca. I will likely graduate from Ravenwood in 2016. She hasn't been progressing lately because she focused on crafting Watchtower Hall. If you would like help, let me know! I can't guarantee I'll be on or have membership, but if I am, I'm willing to help or find you help. Just drop an email to me through the contact form.

Have an Amazing Year!
-Cheyenne Caster, Nordic Champion

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