Monday, January 18, 2016

Rise & Destroy Crossing Over to 101 Games

Rise & Destroy is KingsIsle's best mobile game so far. Although many people play it, I feel that the game hasn't gained a lot of exposure. Even with the Frankie Fourarms pet, wizards were reluctant to play. The game has a few glitches, and definitely needs some tuning up.

Something I keep on thinking about is how they said that R&D was not related to both Wizard101 or Pirate101, yet they recently did a promotion that got you a pet for Wizard101. Though this did gain the app a lot of attention, I don't think that it truly boosted interest in the game. Players breezed past the three levels required to earn the pet, then never really got hooked on the game.

In my opinion, I think KI will once again run a promotion to complete "x" levels and get free item. This time, i think it will be for Pirate101. Pirates have been starved of any substantial content for way to long, and are on the brink of quitting for good. In order to both promote R&D and to maintain hope in Pirate101, a cool, valuable item (such as a pet) will be a reward for completing levels. 

In short, after KI expressed clearly there was no relation (in terms of winning codes) between the app and it's two games, they created a relation. I would hope they would do more promotions with Pirate101 to keep interest from dipping down to a point where the game would end, Hopefully Rise & Destroy will grow and offer great rewards for both games. 

Here's one more crazy theory: What if the rewards worked in reverse? Maybe you have to get to a certain level or complete a certain task from an in-game NPC. You would be able to get rewards for Rise & Destroy. This would be another great way to cross-promote.

I really think that promotions involving Rise & Destroy are not over and could be getting better. I feel that promotions will involve both Wizard101 and Pirate101. 

Do you think Rise & Destroy will cross over to the 101 games through promotions? What other methods do you think KI would use to promote their games? 

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