Saturday, February 27, 2016

Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party

Frostcaller throws amazing parties. Edward Lifegem threw an amazing party earlier this year. But what happens when two amazing party-throwers team up? Frostcaller held an amazing International Polar Bear Day party in his Polarian Shipwreck with the help of Edward! So many wizards showed up, even a few "famous" wizards! 

Paige Moonshade, Frostcaller (Hidden by a random wizard) and I
Paige Moonshade came and was flocked by MANY wizards! Her outfit was so cool! Unfortunately my Polar Bear is in the way... oops. I tried to get a picture with Edward Wintergem, but he ran off to never be found again...

We were able to get a group picture... Look how many Polar Bears there were! This was a super fun picture to take.

My outfit changed often.... haha

Some amazing duelists from around the spiral battled their hearts out! There was some amazing battles going down. I personally enjoyed the viking statues.

Frostcaller's house was amazing! It was so gorgeous both inside and out! Going inside the house felt like going to a ball! 

I had an amazing time at Frostcaller's and Edward Lifegem's party! Amazing job planning and carrying out the party. Thank you for being amazing Community Leaders and giving everyone a fun time!

Don't forget the upcoming Easter Bunny Run held by Edward Lifegem, especially if you missed this! It's gonna be super fun!

What was your favorite part of the party? Share below!

Thanks again Frostcaller and Edward Lifegem!
~ Cheyenne Caster, Nordic Champion & Vaden the Polar Bear

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  1. I really was excited that #EdwardLifegem and #Frostcaller1 combined their talents for the Int'l Polar Day party. They've been giving the best parties (forever). I hope we see more dual-triple-hosted parties in the future. I was a bit overwhelmed (happily) seeing so many wizards I hadn't seen in awhile. The Polarian Shipwreck is decorated so amazing (giving me new ideas for my own) (especially the 2 Celestia fountains attached to the bathtub ... beautiful!). The games were fun. We all got to the party without confusion (well, I didn't know Kelvin Realm and Kelvin Tree ... I landed in Wizard City and said, "oh, no which Realm? ... lol) No problem because both Hosts were scanning their Twitter feed for messages of "help" from wizs like me. I had a great time. I couldn't stay long but will next time, for sure. Thanks guys for a wonderful party. I'm really looking forward to seeing screenshots and videos of the party. I was thrilled to see some of the long time wizs there and the "famous" ones who've made our beloved game such a joy! I'm still smiling, hours later, so it was a great party!