Friday, April 1, 2016

Bath Time in Wizard101

Most people refuse to take a bath, but not KingsIsle! They've embraced the pastime with glittering optimism... Wizards, I give you the ever-fanciful and completely tasteful Rubby Ducky Mount, for all your bath-time needs! This amazing mount is only available until April 5th at 11:59 PM CDT! Once this mount is gone, its gone!

As if the sophistication couldn't get any better, your cranium can now be protected by one of the most prestigious and top of the line helms in all the Spiral... Introducing the Helm of Ultimate Protection! Guaranteed to ward off even the strongest of evils! 

This no-stat, no sell and no auction helm is given away free for a limited time! Enter the code "besthatever" to receive yours! Remember, you have to redeem it before 11:59 PM CDT on April 5th, 2016!

Don't forget to catch the monster of the deep... Ol' Boot! As flashy as it is, if you haven't caught this rank 1 Balance fish before, it rewards you with a hefty 1600 fishing xp. Worth the while? Yep!

Spiral Conspiracies
  • Falmea is Ambrose's daughter
  • Moolinda Wu killed Sylvia Drake to take her job
  • Old Cob is actually Merle Ambrose
  • Gobblerton is the next world
Happy April Fool's Day! ;)

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