Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dropped Zafaria Fishing Chest Wands Guide

Zafaria fishing quests are dropping all kinds of cool stuff, such as promotional wands and spider furniture. The chests are also dropping new Zafaria wands that are auctionable and easily bought at the Bazaar for over 15,000 gold and sold for around 5,000 gold.

There are only two wands for each school, one at level 60 and one at level 62. Stat-wise, these wands are not the greatest. They are cool looking and would make for great stitch wands. If you catch a chest with a wand, you will get one of these or a promotional wand.

Life Wands
           Staff of the New Sun                               Staff of the Savannah

Death Wands
          Spider Witch Cane                                  Black Juju Rod

Myth Wands
           Longdreamer Staff                                     Ancestral Staff

Balance Wands
           Broken Branch of Baobab                   Staff of Shining Mountain

Storm Wands
            Long Journey Staff                             Bolt From The Blue Staff

Ice Wands
           Whistling Thorn Branch                    Staff of Cold Kissed Juju

Fire Wands
            Burning Yearning Staff                            Crackling Juju Staff

If you find any other wands, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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