Thursday, April 7, 2016

About Me

My name is Cheyenne Caster, but I have many self-proclaimed nicknames. I call myself "The Official Wizard101 Hobo" for the lack of Crowns and other riches I always seem to not have. Another self-proclaimed name is "The Spiral Historian" because all I ever do is talk about real historical connections in the game. I'm probably really boring on that aspect. One other name that I call myself is a little more recent: "Lady of the North" for my love of Grizzleheim. There is one more name that everyone knows: "Nordic Champion." I always have that badge equipped.

At this moment, I am a Promethean Sorcerer. I am wearing a tan and maroon Waterworks Set with a Hades Staff. My pet is King Tucker the Dragon Fly. I ride all kinds of mounts, so I won't even try to list them out. I do, however, have an outfit. You can see part of it in my Blogger Profile Picture.

If I can help, I will. If you find me in-game, feel free to pop by and say hi! 

I absolutely love Grizzleheim. The obsession is unreal. I enjoy it because it is one of the prettiest worlds and has a good story line. I also like Krokotopia, Avalon, and Azteca for the cultural aspects. rich story lines, and graphics.

I enjoy writing guides, theories, stories, history posts, parodies, and everything in between. Post suggestions are always welcome! 

If you aren't sure how to contact me, click here.
See you in the Spiral!
-Cheyenne Caster. Nordic Champion

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  1. Sounds great. Love to help quest sometime if you need. 😊