Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Level Up Fast

Maybe you're a max wizard starting a new wizard, or you're trying to take advantage of the new Daily Assignment rewards. Regardless, you probably want your *new wizard to level up as fast as possible. Here are a few ways to level up with out a membership!

Quick Tips
First, if you are willing, grab a Major XP Boost Elixir. For 1 Hour, you get 10% more XP for 500 crowns. If you are going to add this to your strategy, try to use it when you know you will be getting quests with high xp. Though this will help quicken leveling, I wouldn't recommend spending the crowns.

Second, keep in mind how xp is rewarded by battle. Each pip spell cast or attempted equals xp. To find out how much xp is awarded by spell, simply multiply by three the pip count. For example, casting Fire Elf (2 pips) equals 6 xp. Zero pip spells equal 3 xp, and "x" pip spells can be calculated by how much pips it costed to cast the spell. For example, and 5 pip Judgement will give you 15 xp.

Side Quests
There are a lot of side quests to do in Wizard City that are in free zones. You should try to complete as many as possible, including book quests, crafting, and planting, as well as the PvP tutorials. This method is rather tedious and will take longer than other methods, but with the help of questing buddies it's much faster.

If you have some crowns, it wouldn't hurt to buy all or some of the premium zones. This gives you access to more side quests and a refreshing change of scenery. Plus, if you have a higher level wizard they can get unlimited access to Aquila.
**Don't forget to do as much main quests as possible. Just because there's other quests to do does not mean you should stop doing storyline quests.

Housing Instances
The great thing about housing instances is most of them are accessible through housing tours. A lot of the popular houses have Winterbane or Pagoda. Taking your wizard through these will not level them up in one run, but will substantially add xp to your bar. Keep in mind that the xp rewarded and the tier of difficulty is determined by the lowest level wizard that enters the dungeon. As a bonus, they usually drop useful items and come with a cool badge for completing them.

Don't be afraid to ask friends if they have crowns dungeons. Many would love to have someone do it with them, but not necessarily an extremely low level wizard. Don't be discouraged by this. Try to bring something unique to the table that is useful to a team.

Daily Assignments
The beginning quests of Daily Assignments are another source of xp. It is easy to do, and some quests stay in Wizard City. You can earn really nice rewards, including arena tickets, gold, and crowns.

Event Quests
Every now and then, Wizard101 releases an event or two to do in a short amount of time. Examples include The Lost Pages, The 5 B.O.X.E.S, and Hallowe'en. They are all very fun and rewarding, both in xp and and rewards.

Repeat Dungeons & Bosses
Though repeating a dungeon will lower the xp reward of completion each time, it's still a reliable way to earn xp. Bosses enable you to draw out the battle, adding more xp per spell attempted to cast. Longer battles with a lot of attempted spells reward high xp plus gold.

What do you do to earn xp fast? Let me know in the comments!

*This post was intended for Free to Play members starting a brand new wizard.

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