Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Raise a Wand, Wizards

I am writing this post in response to Spiral Radio's post on Leala.

It is truly saddening to see so many important people leave KingsIsle due to lay-offs. We've had close relationships with many of them, so much so that their new absence will be felt immediately. They have done so much for us in the past few years that it's impossible to list.

Though I never had a close relationship with any particular KingsIsle employee, I miss them already. Leala was such an incredible community member. She always was there to answer our questions- both the easy and the tough. She was an excellent mediator between angered fans and frantic designers. I was always impressed by her calm approach to everything and her great sense of humor.

Among other employees, #JuliaFromKI will also be missed greatly. She was an energetic and sweet person to have on  KI Live, which will never be the same with out them.

All of the employees leaving should know that the whole community is behind you. You have touched the lives of millions of people, and even changed some. You given us new perspectives, knowledge, and inspired us to conquer our goals. We hope that this ending will bring you better beginnings!

If you haven't already, tweet #StayStrongKI along with any messages you want to say to the employees.

Thank You to all the employees leaving today. You have changed us all for the better.

Stay Strong, KI. 

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