Sunday, September 6, 2015

Guide to Promotional Wands

Promotional Wands are among the coolest, flashiest, and rarest wands available in The Spiral. Most of these wands were available from Beckett Magazine codes, others from FreeKI game rewards. Today, these wands are retired and are exclusive to an official fansite. This means that they are given codes to giveaway. Some people in the community have spare codes that they giveaway.

As of the Spring 2016 Update, ALL Promotional Wands except Valor have been dropped in Zafaria Fishing Chests in the Elephant Graveyard.

Amaranthine Staff
  • Paige's Page (Paige Moonshade)
  • Storm Staff
Blue Raptor Sword
  • Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards
  • Myth Sword
Dragonclaw Blade
  • Duelist101
  • Fire Sword
Fog Staff
  • Mercenaries101/M4H
  • Ice Staff
Galvanic Hammer
  • Friendly Necromancer
  • Myth Hammer
  • Legends of the Spiral
  • Storm Sword
Staff of the Imperator
  • Spiral Radio 101
  • Fire Staff
Staff of the Querent
  • Petnome Project
  • Ice Staff
Umbra Blade
  • Wizard101 Central
  • Death Sword
  • A Veteran's Day promo gift in 2009
  • Now a retired item; possibly the rarest wand in the Spiral
  • Life Sword
Viridian Scepter
  • Stars of the Spiral
  • Life Wand
Warpwood Wand
  • Ditto Monster
  • Life Wand

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