Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ymir's Kick-Ice Stories

Ymir the Ice Titan is notorious for many things, but did you know his stories are kick-ice? Yes, you read that right. Ymir has an uncanny ability to tell the best stories.

Recently, I braved the cold of Nastrond and ventured deep to Ymir's place. I set up camp and used my new magic: Dream Magic! With the help of Moon, Star, Life, Storm, and Ice, I was able to combine them to create a new magic that helps me to see Ymir's dreams, and allows him to speak. 

After careful consideration, interpretation and hours of labourous work, I've been able to gather some pretty cool stories.

These stories range from memories to bedtime stories for his sons to ramblings that make sense! Stay tuned to see the first story hopefully up on Thursday! 

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