Monday, October 5, 2015

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer

Hallo wizards! Hallo is Norwegian for Hello. This post has nothing to do with Wizard101. Well, maybe a little bit. Anyways, I'm an avid reader. I read all types of books at different reading levels, mainly ones that are above my age. There is, however, one author that I will always read no matter how old I am... that author is Rick Riordan.

I'm positive almost everyone knows about my "slight" obsession with Norse Mythology. Well, isn't it convenient that my good friend Rick decided to write a series on one of my favorite topics? 

I'm literally getting it tomorrow. So much hype! I'm not just writing about it because I think its cool, I honestly would like to get everyone to read this. If you are at all fascinated by Grizzleheim, this book will help you gain an understanding of the close relationship between Norse Mythology and Grizzleheim. You'll end up learning it in a fun way that will stick with you for a long time. 

The story is centered around Magnus Chase, who happens to be Annabeth Chase's cousin. (Percy Jackson and the Olymians, The Heroes of Olympus) Apparently Asgard is in serious danger and as always, the gods need a hero. You can read a better summary here. 

The official release day is October 6th, 2015.
Want to learn more about Rick Riordan? Check out his website here. 

Anyone want to make a book club from this? (Wizards Book Club) Or just a reading circle for this specific book?

P.S. I do not support all the new Norse Mythology bandwagoners. I strongly dislike you because I was the original fan! :)

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