Saturday, October 3, 2015

Polaris Gear

After the extra confirmation from KingsIsle, we now know with out the slightest bit of doubt that the next world is Polaris! Polaris is an icy, French/Russian world first seen in Pirate101. If you want to read more, Check out Frostcaller's Article on Polaris. For my contribution to the Polaris discussion, I've been asked to discuss possible gear designs for Polaris.

Polarian Gear
Wizard101 is known to base every world and every aspect off of real life counterparts. I think what we can expect is a lot of common clothing of the average and noble people of France, Russia, and possibly neighboring countries during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. (1769-1821)
Us girls in beautiful dresses fighting blood-thirsty penguins? I think yes!

Imagine the stats on something like this!?

"Nice sword! Where did you get that?" -Average Noob

'Cause baby its cold... out... side!

Honestly, I think our wizards will be wearing something similar to this. Its definitely going to have a lot of coats, hats, and boots. Perhaps the high-stat gear may look like a general/military uniform? Maybe we will once again have sword wands? Maybe icicle weapons or even a globus cruciger. Just look that up if you don't know what it is. We do have a version of it dropped in the four dungeons. (I believe)

What other gear do you think we'll see in Polaris? What do you think they'll be called? 

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