Monday, October 26, 2015

Polaris Test Realm

Greetings and Salutations, wizards! Today something very exciting happened: The Polaris Test Realm is open! Here's a recap on what's to come, and also some new data!

Polaris is a northern world based off of Russia. Bartleby is ill, and its your job to find the wizard that can help! During your journey, you'll meet the rebel pingouins, who are under the rule of the tyrant Empress Antuskette. Empress Atuskette has been overcome with magic, making her a tyrant. Ivan the Great will guide you through this frozen world!

  • Be level 100
  • Completed the Khrysalis quest "Light and Shadow"
CROWNS PLAYERS: Polaris contains 5 premium zones priced at 1995 crowns each.

Level 110
The new level cap is level 110, with the new badge being "Prodigious."
At levels 105 and 110, you will be awarded a training point. Other bonus training point opportunities will be available as you quest! 
Level 110 Henchmen are now available in the Crown Shop.

New Gold Max
  • Levels 1-79: 300,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 80-90: 350,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 91-95: 375,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 96-100: 400,000 Gold Max
  • Levels 101-110: 450,000 Gold Max
Level 108 Shadow-Enhanced Spells
Meet the scholars of the Arcanum, a group of professors that are ready to teach you new spells! Visit them when you reach level 108 to train your new spells!

  • Myth: Witch's Housecall
  • Storm: Rusalka's Wrath
  • Balance: Nested Fury
  • Death: Winged Sorrow
  • Life: Wings of Fate
  • Ice: Snowball Barrage
  • Fire: Raging Bull
Bread Crumbs
Now you can control your roaming mount's and pet's behavior and path! These invisible housing items are available in the Crowns Shop or crafted from a recipe available from Jackie Whisperflame, located in the Pet Pavilion.

New to fishing is the "Catch of the Day" selling option and Fishing Tournaments! Catch of the Day is very simple: A certain fish is selected and it's sell amount is increased. If that particular fish is caught on that day, the price will have an extra bonus! Tournaments are also simple: Weekly, a fish will be chosen and a size. Visit Lucky Hookline to find out this information. When you catch that fish of the correct size, you will be asked if you would like to enter it in the tournament. If you enter it, the fish will be taken out of your basket for judging. At the end of the week, top fish will receive medals and all participants will receive prizes. 

Now, some houses have something in the water! The following houses now have fish: The Acropolis, Massive Fantasy Palace, Serpentine Escape, Winter Wind Tower, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, Sun Palace, Sultan's Palace, Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, Night Garden, Botanical Gardens, and the Amber Estate.

To view the official announcement, please visit this link.

Miscellaneous Twitter Data
I took the ramblings of excited wizards and composed a list of stuff beyond the update notes. With this update and the new world, we know...
  • You graduate from Ravenwood in a super cool ceremony, complete with a graduation outfit
  • Bosses are dropping pets! New pets and school hybrids have been reported
  • Bosses HAVE active pets that have talents (including May Cast)
  • You have a new professor at the Arcanum. Check them out, they are pretty cool!
  • The Level 108 spells are also dropped as treasure cards
  • Polaris has tons of badges and is very, very short
  • House Fishing: Chests are dropping really good stuff, such as Potion Motion
  • Good snacks and good reagents galore
  • Leaves on the ground, leaves on the ground, Bartleby's looking like a fool with those leaves on the ground (sorry for that, I had to)
  • New Permanent Mount dropped: Mammoth Mini
  • Level 110 School Only amulets that give new spells
  • No crafted gear in Polaris
  • Fish Chests from houses are know to give really valuable items, especially that house's bundle mount 
  • Level 108 Deck has good stats

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