Friday, October 9, 2015

The Lore of the Runes

Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

Long before, in the times of old, when Ravens ruled the sky and wolves ruled the night, the great King Hragar taught all he knew to Eorl. Eorl later became king. Before this, King Hragar fought with Konur, a young rune-reader. Konur won the battle.

Konur soon mastered the magic and power of the runes. Runes can break sorrow, bind wounds, break chains, and stop arrows in flight. Runes can reverse a curse on the caster and calm the angriest of hearts. They can strengthen allies and make the dead speak.

Konur used the runes for good. The mother of the grendels sought safety for her child. She visited the spider queen, requesting her protection. The spider queen took a vow she couldn't keep, leaving the grendels defenseless. This caused the grendels to grow evil within their kin, spreading through out the land and terrorizing the tribes. Konur harnessed the runes and banished the grendels to the depths of Jotunheim.

As Konur wandered throughout the land, doing good by the power of the runes, the grendels grew stronger and angrier. With Konur's attention drawn elsewhere, the grendels escaped to Nidavellir.

Konur's enemies grew stronger and his powers grew weaker. Finally, he was overwhelmed by his enemies. The great hero's powers finally vanished, leaving him vulnerable to the creatures of Grizzleheim. The grendels finally left Nidavellir, spilling out into the land. Konur could not control the grendels running amok, and was quickly captured. 

The grendels instilled hatred and violence into Konur. The once great Konur was corrupted and unleashed upon the tribes. Konur reeked chaos between the tribes, often relaying the blame on a tribe. Division soon formed, each tribe being untrustworthy. The land became divided.

Today the runes are a stark reminder of a better time. They tell the tale of the noblest of Grizzleheim's heroes.

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