Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with 2015, In with 2016

2015 was a great year for Wizard101. Jam-packed with tons of new content, it's hard to say which impacted us most. 2016 can only be better! Here's some key content that made this year amazing, and what we could be seeing this upcoming year!

Best of 2015

  • Ultra Everything: Ultra Dungeons, Ultra Pet Levels... all amazing things that enhanced our game play for the better. We got some awesome gear that was comparable to gear from dungeons like Mount Olympus and Waterworks! Our pets gained an extra level, giving us the ability to get an extra talent. 
  • Jewel Socketing: Our amulets, athames, rings and decks got a brand new makeover... stat wise. This update made wizards more powerful with stat-boosting jewels. We even got pet socketing, adding even more talents to our pets.
  • Holiday Specials: One of my favorite parts of Wizard101 is the holiday celebrations. I love it when the commons is decorated, holiday quests are backs, and amazing items return to the crown shop. Our Harrowing Nightmare and Winterland Packs were updated with epic items. This year saw one of the best holiday updates ever.
  • Polaris: One of the most anticipated update was the Polaris Update. Exalted wizards where itching to move up. They got to graduate and begin studies in the advanced school of the Arcanum. Great job to the Prodigious wizards, you make Ravenwood proud!
  • Fishing: Fishing was majorly improved. Fish were released in certain waters of bundle houses. We even git fishing tournament sand new fishing gear.
2016: Year of more Progress
What could 2016 hold for us? We can never be sure, but there are plenty of hints. 
  • Mirage could possibly be our next world!
  • Gear Socketing
  • More Shadow pips
  • Improved Pet Derby
  • New Hobbies (i.e. crafting, gardening, fishing)
And something I would personally like to see: 
  • Fishing in all houses
What was the best part of 2015 for you? What are you hoping to see in 2016?

Have an amazing New Year!

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