Saturday, March 5, 2016

Three New Teasers

Within the first week of March, Wizard101 released three new teasers! Some were exclusively sent to fansites, others were posted directly to the public. As soon as they were released, wizards instantly began theorizing. But at this point, everyone  has come to a general consensus that each is a Skeleton Key Boss.

A Mysterious Omen

This first teaser was revealed in the March Newsletter. It appears to be in Polaris. Accompanying the boss is three Shadow Minions. Most wizards agree that this boss is meant for Prodigious, Exalted, and possibly Promethean wizards. It is very possible that this boss will drop (a) new spell(s), whether it be trained, treasure car, jewel, or item card.

Ra and Krokopatra

This second teaser was sent  to official fansites, Ra, Krokopatra, and two Krokotopians will be joining this battle. Apparently Krokopatra is related to Malistaire because they never seem to die. They thing I don't understand is why we fight Ra. According to Alhazred, Ra was once a great "flesh" wizard, known as the "Balancer." His studies turned him to a magical being of pure magic and light. So if wizards are summoning him to deal justice to enemies, why is he (in theory) corrupt or now evil? 

This battle may be aimed at lower level wizards. He could also drop a new spell, probably being a Balance spell. 

Aztecosaurs in the Black Sun Pyramid 

Credit to Frostcaller for the image (couldn't paste in the Vine) 
The third and final teaser was posted publicly. An Aztecosaur has taken up residence in the Black Sun Pyramid in Azteca. This is probably an upper level boss, which means that mid-level wizards may not be getting anything new soon. Because this boss is in a known location, it confirms that it and the others are a Skeleton Key Bosses. This boss could also drop some new spells. But I think the real question is: Aren't they supposed to be dead?

So if these are Skeleton Key Bosses, I think I know which type of key each is.

Wooden Skeleton Key: Ra & Krokopatra
Stone Skeleton Key: Aztecosaurs in the Black Sun Pyramid
Gold Skeleton Key: A Mysterious Omen

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Do you think these bosses are Skeleton Key bosses? What do you think will be dropped?

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