Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Road Warrior's Hoard Pack

Wizard101 just won't stop with the new content! First Polaris, then the Witch's Hoard Pack, and now a new pack! This truly unique and interesting pack comes packed with some amazing first-of-its-kind items. 
  • Road Warrior's Chopper Mount (+50% Speed Boost making it the FASTEST mount available)
  • Road Hog Pet
  • Road Warrior's Biker Gear
  • Legend Skull Weapon
  • Khyrsalis & Azteca Housing Guests
  • Numerous Furniture
  • More!
Where the Witch's Hoard Pack lacked, this pack exceeds! The stats on the gear are fairly good and are clearly geared towards a specific school. The wand even has a JEWEL SLOT. The pack includes treasure card minions that are No PvP. It also includes some good jewels worth checking out.

The furniture in this pack seems to have a few things from a few different worlds. The worlds of focus appear to be Khyrsalis, Azteca, Avalon, Marleybone, and Grizzleheim. The furniture includes "House Guests." which are moving NPC-like items, just like in the Witch's Hoard Pack.

I just about died when I saw that you could get these classic Grizzleheim shields: Austrilund Shield, Hrundle Fjord Shield, and Northguard Shield.

Most of the furniture is auctionable.

Overall, this pack is pretty cool! It seems to offer something for everyone. In my sole opinion, the design seems to move away from wizardry. It is, however, a good-looking pack. Good luck on drops!

Check out this amazing guide from Stars of the Spiral here.

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