Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring 2016 Test Realm

Spring is here in the Spiral, bringing much more than flowers! The Test Realm is open (not at this precise moment, though.) This small, yet amazing update adds more quality to the game. Remember, you must have a membership or have made a purchase of $6 or more to have access to the Test Realm. Read on to learn more about what's new in the Test Realm, it's schedule, and new data.

Daily Assignments

If you play Wizard101 on a daily basis, you can now earn great rewards. Just visit Aegon Statz in Ravenwood to get a certain task. When you complete the task, simply turn it in to earn your reward. If you're unable to complete the task, you can pick up where you left off. Every day you complete the task, you earn a better reward tier. Eventually, after day 15, you will return down to day 1 rewards.

The Daily Assignment Rewards Screen

Skeleton Key Bosses

As revealed by KingsIsle and Fansites alike, the 3 hinted creatures are indeed Skeleton Key Bosses. You can read my post here.
  • Ra: Rank 4 Boss, Located in the Krokotopian Library, use a Wooden Skeleton Key
  • Ixcax Cursed Wing: Rank 13 Boss, Located in the Black Sun Pyramid, Azteca,  use a Stone Skeleton Key
  • Omen Stribog: Rank 17 Boss, Located in the River of Frozen Tears, Polaris, use a Gold Skeleton Key

Life wizards, rejoice! Now there is a Level 84 Star School Aura that boosts your damage! Make sure you completed the Level 84 quest to unlock the trainer. The Star School trainer is located in Azteca.

Wizards Level 100 and up now have access to train some higher rank off-school spells from the Arcanum Scholars. 
  • Zander: Nature's Wrath, Forest Lord
  • Baba Yaga: Orthrus
  • Qismah Shasa: Death Trap, Skeletal Dragon
  • Jaki Whisperwind: Power Nova
  • Tarrak Hadfield: Ice Trap, Frost Giant
  • Ignus Ferric: Fire Dragon
  • Ione Virga: Triton, Storm Lord
Fishing in Zafaria

Fish have entered Baobab! You can now fish all over Zafaria, and work towards your Prodigious Level 20 fishing badge. There are brand new fish species protected by the pesky Sentinels. The Zafarian chests are known to drop excellent items, such as never before seen wands and promotional wands.

Gear Vault

Much like the Seed Vault, the gear vault is like a second bank. You can fit 100 items! That's more than a Free-to-Play member's backpack space. Easily the most innovative part of the update, the gear vault is both available in the Crown Shop AND as recipe from Toshio in Moo Shu. 

You can put hats, robes, boots, wands, athames, rings, and amulets in the bank. You may only place two vaults in a house, one inside and the other outside. 


When the Test Realm goes live, every time you complete a crafting quest, you will receive an additional crafting slot. This will not happen until test goes live. Recipes that are involved in crafting quests have had the cool down timer reduced to 20 minutes. 

Test Realm Schedule

Please note that it the schedule is subject to change.

Thursday Morning, March 17th
Friday Afternoon, March 18th
Monday Morning, March 21st
Thursday Afternoon, March 24th
Monday Morning, March 28th
Friday Afternoon, April 1st

Miscellaneous Twitter Data

This is data collected from Twitter. Each was reported with accompanying proof. I will update this regularly.

  • Zafarian chests are dropping:
    • New wands that look amazing!
    • Promotional Wands (reportedly caught in Elephant Graveyard)
    • Spider furniture (Incredibly Rare!)
    • KIFreeGames/FreeKI Games Furniture Items
  • Omen Stribog dropped Wings Mount?

What do you think about this Test Realm?

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