Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bones of the Earth

Story by Ymir
Retold by Cheyenne Caster

Child, you have journeyed so far to find me. Perhaps you've noticed all that Grizzleheim has? Such a beautiful world! I long to see the tall trees and cold creeks. You know, there is quite a good story about them.

The creatures of Grizzleheim think I'm dead. You see, in their minds, I was killed by brothers Odin, Vili, and Ve. They think I was so huge that I covered the entire Earth. My body became the Earth. I am the Bones of the Earth.

I am the trees, the creeks, the mountains. I am the soil, the plants, the animals. 

Maybe it's true, though I am not dead. Perhaps I live on in these things. Perpetual sleep I must carry out. Child, if you find this true, that I live on in these things, please treat them well. 

I must go on, living in this world but not truly alive in it. Child, perhaps you have broken, in a way, my perpetual sleep? Though my body sleeps, my mind will wander through the trees, the creeks, the mountains, the plants, the soil, and the animals. 

Child, I thank you for your deed. You'll never truly know what you've done, but I will forever thank you.

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