Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Future of Fishing

With the new Polaris Update, magical fishing has become more competitive and useful. Players can earn arena tickets, badges, prizes, and gold. Fish are now swimming in the waters of select houses. House Fishing Chests are dropping bundle mounts and gear. All this is happening as our energy is going down the drain.

Fishing Chests in the House
One of the most controversial topics of the Polaris update is the fishing chests. They aren't just dropping gold, seeds, furniture and reagents. They're dropping mounts and gear to their respective bundle homes! Some people love this idea, others... not so much. Let's look at the pros and cons of this concept.

  • For wizards who don't get to buy stuff for the game, this is an excellent opportunity to get much-needed and very-wanted items
  • For free-to-play wizards, there's something fun to do with out loosing interest in the game
  • Wizards can transfer items to other wizards on their account to make them more successful
  • Wizards who bought the bundle get a slap in the face- why buy it if you can fish for it? Ultimately, it's a waste of money
  • More wizards with the same gear makes the bundle less unique and the novelty wears off
In my opinion, since its really hard to get the items, its a good idea. KingsIsle isn't just handing out free stuff, you have to work hard for it. But, it has to be making bundle sales dip down, so why would they do this?

Fishing in Houses
One thing I wonder about is why they decided to add fish to houses in the first place. It kind of cancels out reasons to buy the Mystic Fishing Bundle. You can get a First Mate Otter through hatching, similar fishing gear with Arena Tickets, and get a Mount that adds energy. Also, why get the Private Fishing Escape when you could just visit a bundle house?

Then I started thinking, are people really buying the Mystic Fishing Bundle a lot? I don't think they are. One thing businesses do is promote a product to help sales out for something else. Let's see what House Fishing is helping sales with:
  • Energy Elixirs: With all the fishing, you run out of energy quickly. You probably bought a few elixirs, which is money to KI
  • Bundles: When you visit bundle houses, you are exposed to all the cool stuff it offers. It sparks a need for it, so you end up buying the bundle for yourself
    • You probably will never complete a set of gear through fishing, so speed up the process and actually get the bundle
  • Fishing Luck Elixirs: Self explanatory
  • Aquariums: You probably want to show off all those cool fish, so buy some of the crowns aquariums 
  • Fishing: When you get into the activity, you'll buy anything and everything to make you the best. Anything that is bought with crowns that helps you 
    • Hey, why not? Just get the Mystic Fishing Bundle because there's more fish to catch!
  • Locations: Even though it's not related to houses, players may want to expand their fishing and buy locations to fish at
KingsIsle can afford to take a minor hit to promote sales in other areas. It honestly makes sense from a business perspective. (I take business and my family owns a business. I know what I'm talking about)

In the Future
KI will probably add fishing to all houses with water. Perhaps chests will grant unique items for that their respective house.

Magical Fishing Poles
Something I think KI should add is Magical Fishing Poles. For one, it looks kinda weird throwing a lure with a sword or wand. Fishing Poles shouldn't be required, but could grant amazing stats. This includes cards, luck, and energy. They can be school only, universal, auction, no auction, tradeable, no trade, crowns, gold, and dropped!

The item would be equipped and only visible while fishing. Rods can have different looks, such as long and shorts, varying colors, varying types, and varying casting animation styles. It would be fun to watch wizards fighting and reeling in a fishing. It gives fishing a more realistic aspect, and *gasp* more money opportunities with crowns items.

I think KI sees fishing as a money making machine. It's hard, addictive, and almost has the same affect as packs. Fishing could become one of the most updated and played past-time in game. As KI moves towards making more money, do not be surprised if fishing requires more crowns than skill.

Do you think fishing will be a major source for money? Do you think KI is planning to make fishing a major source of money, or am I getting to extreme? Any thoughts?

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