Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Congratulations Class of 2015!

"Our belief in sorcery."

The day's finally arrived... your graduation from Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! As you, the first class of wizard move on, let's remember some amazing parts of the past few years at Ravenwood.

Nostalgic Speech

"Remember your first day at Ravenwood? You were pretty scared when you dueled Malestaire's cronies. But then you conquered Unicorn Way in a breeze! By the end of the month, you were packing your bags for Krokotopia!

I bet you don't remember choking as stepped into the hot desert. Maybe you remember all those hieroglyph rubbings you did? Who can forget your glorious take down of Krokopatra? She was pretty electrified by your performance.

Did you have a good time in Wysteria? You did a good job representing us! Way to bring back the Spiral Cup!

Remember your hooligan adventures in Marleybone? Please don't tell your mother, she'll be very angry you were up so late. What... What's that? She's in the crowd? Ma'am, please sit down. Your child is alive and well, and IS graduating.

Ladies and Gentlemen? Attention please. Thank you. I have a special note from Zeus Skyfather. 'I remember the day you bested me. I thought it was pure luck, but now seeing you are graduating, I'd like to congratulate you. I could use some sky guardians. If you are interested, I'm where I've always been!' Such a great letter from Zeus, am I right?

Now where was I? Ah, have you meditated on your MooShu trip? You came back truly changed. I could tell you were at peace with yourself and the spiral,

Dragonspyre. Dragonspyre, Dragonspyre. What a memorable time. You blazed through that place! Not to mention, Malestaire ate dust when you confronted him! He stood no chance whatsoever!

How can we thank you for uniting Grizzleheim? Stopping the coven? Preventing Ymir from waking up and bringing about the Everwinter! 

I bet you enjoyed your educational vacation in Celestia, You came back very, very sophisticated! You handled Astral Magic like it was a piece of cake! You gained so many talents there!

I must say, we are thoroughly impressed by your performance in the Water Works, Not many wizards are successful.

Zafaria was most impressive for us. You were done fairly quickly and did a great job. You helped us narrow in on Morganthe even more!

Poseidon wanted to tell you that you did amazing in Atlantea. He wants his triton back.

In Avalon, you gained so much knowledge of history. You learned about Headmaster Ambrose's life and learned of so many traditions. Amazing job to our Knights of the Silver Rose!

Azteca, um, great job, kind of. Moving on...

Hades the Unseen is coming for you for your excellent job against him. You may want to be cautious around shadows.

Khrysalis... one of our proudest moments! Morganthe was taken down for good! Unfortunately, Old Cob kinda got out. Oh well, we can find that spider another day.

Malestaire's name may send shivers down your spine, but he's finally happy now. He's with Sylvia, and that's all that matters now. 

Polaris held many adventures for you all, and it still does. I think you've earned this diploma."

A quick toast from yours truly
Wow. I can't believe so many of you are graduating. It's been awesome looking up to you all. So many of you were mentors to me, you've helped me out in battles, passed information to me, taught me new things. I'm really gonna miss going to school with you.

Beyond this game, so many of you have been supportive to me. You've taught me about programming and blogging and techniques, and I don't think some of you know that. If you've ever talked to me, you did influence me. Thank you for all that you've done. Good luck at the Arcanum and safe travels!

Here's to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts Class of 2015!
-Cheyenne Caster, Level 82 Archmage Sorcerer

Thank You for all your contributions to our community, both in-game and out. Have an amazing Graduation!

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