Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November News

Isn't it amazing we are half way through November? So many amazing things have come to Wizard101 since my last recap. I kept on putting this off because so many new content would be added, and I'd have to constantly update. So finally, here it is: the most jam-packed recap ever in the history of Nordic Champion!

Test Realm OPEN! 
In early October, KingsIsle teased us with many amazing concept photos of Polaris! Later, the Test Realm was opened! It brought the new world of Polaris, level 110, new spells, and more!

Jewel Crafter's Bundle
Wizard101 introduced a groundbreaking bundle! It's mount gives stats! This amazing bundle gives you the Shard Warrior's Armor set, Shard Warrior's Hammer, Crystal Butterfly pet, Crystal Unicorn mount, and Bountiful Mine item. The mine grants you rewards once a day. The bundle comes with your choice of 1 month of membership or 5,000 crowns! Check out this amazing bundle available at GameStop for $29!

Halloween was amazing this year! Amazing new items were added to the Harrowing Nightmare pack, such as the Midnight Owl and Winged Catastrophe.

Rise & Destroy
Rise & Destroy was officially released! This amazing mobile app is, surprisingly, not related to any 101 game of KI's! A special KI Live took place regarding the release, and many questions were answered. Also, some pretty cool tips were shared! This game is free put has some in-game purchases.

Extra Life
KI's team was very successful this year! We raised over $9,000! The original goal was $3,000. Participants who raised over $100 received the new Polarian Explorer's Bundle. Congratulations and Thank You to our Extra Life Wizards! (And Pirates)

Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day was celebrated beautifully in Wizard101! The Commemorative Poppy Display had a beautiful poem, and the community's support was amazing!

Polarian Explorer's Bundle
The Polarian Explorer's Bundle, originally offered to Extra Life winners, has hit stores nationwide! This bundle left me awestruck with it's beauty! The bundle includes Polarian Explorer's Gear, Polarian Explorer's Pickaxe, Proper Penguin pet, Battle Narwhal mount, and the magnificent Polarian Shipwreck house! As always, it comes with the choice of 1 month of membership or 5,000 crowns!

Test Realm is Going Live!
The Polaris Test Realm is going live on November 18th, 2015! Good luck to all our exalted wizards, and have an awesome Graduation! Congrats Class of 2015!

KI Live
KI Live will take place this Thursday, likely celebrating the launch of Polaris and the first wave of Ravenwood Graduates.

Cheyenne Caster
Yes, I'm still level 82. I'm stuck in Azteca and have no membership. I wish I could be graduating, I've already got senioritis! Have an amazing time in Polaris!

-Nordic Champion

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