Sunday, November 29, 2015

Top 10 Greatest Houses

Wizard101 has a large variety of houses available. Some are extravagant, others are simple. Whether you like small, cozy houses or large, beautiful houses, I've created a list of what I think are the best houses in the game! This includes the showy houses and the useful houses!

10) Royal Playhouse

The Royal Playhouse is one of the first houses players encounter, and most buy it. For a small price of 15,000 gold, wizards get a nice big house, huge yard, and large theater to entertain guests. This house is perfect for new players and decorators alike! It's design and versatility makes Royal Playhouse number ten.

9) Polarian Shipwreck

The Polarian Shipwreck is the newest house in the game! It's stunning details, such as the Northern Lights and Huge Glaciers are an excellent touch. This house is useful and is part of an awesome bundle! It's impressive sky pushes the Polarian Shipwreck into the number nine slot!

8) Sun Palace

The Sun Palace is a picturesque house with tons of surprises! It's fun layout makes it ideal for housing games such as tag. The house itself is very big and is very fun to decorate. There's so many places to explore in the Sun Palace! The Sun Palace's amazing layout places it number eight.

7) Watchtower Hall

Watchtower Hall is a unique house! This house brings Grizzleheim to you. It's refreshing waterfalls and lakes are a real crowd-pleaser. You can even spend some time watching the beautiful sky above you! This gorgeous house with its beautiful surroundings land it the seventh greatest house!

6) Death House

The Death House is no doubt the spookiest house in the spiral! It's ability to go nicely with Halloween makes it a really fun house, especially for parties! The house is scary-good and all around awesome! The Death House screams it's way into sixth, but don't be fooled. This house is known to give out good candy!

5) Royal Estate

The Royal Estate is one of the most charming houses in game! Live the life of luxury and glam in this amazing house from Marleybone. With some decorating in mind, the Policemen's Ball could be held at your place. Not about that life of hosting parties? Go crazy and decorate it to your heart's content. The boys in blue think number five is kewl!

4) Island Getaway

When it starts to snow, everyone wishes they could be at the beach. Skip it all and live in paradise at the Island Getaway! It's easy to throw epic parties or just relax at this house. Not only do you get the comforts of the beach, but you also get a nice view! Island Getaway surfs up to four! Hang ten, dude!

3) Wysteria Villa

The Wysteria Villa is a beautiful home nestled above the sea! With a great view, cascading waterfall, and plenty of space, the Wysteria Villa is the greatest houses! This lovely house has so much character and works nicely with all kinds of furniture. This classy house slides into the top three!

2) Treetop Getaway

The Treetop Getaway is a pretty house with so much to see! It's winding vines, towering trees and beautiful scenery make for a great house. A truly fun and unique house for all wizards alike! Towering in at number two is the Treetop Getaway!

1) Red Barn Farm

The Red Barn Farm is an excellent house for gardeners. With huge gardening plots, this house pays for itself! Beyond gardening, this house has room for everyday decorating. If you like to drink out of a mason jar and enjoy barn weddings, this IS your house! The Red Barn Farm's green thumb stamps it into number one for being the most useful house!

This list is solely my opinion. If you don't think this list is correct, you are right. That's because both my opinion and yours is correct.

If you are looking to buy a house, I wish you the best of luck! Have fun and happy house shopping! 

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