Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rise & Destroy

Rise & Destroy has been officially launched! Rise & Destroy is a mobile game that includes smashing and destroying... EVERYTHING! This is also an intense strategy game. Smash through 60 levels of challenging cities and collect monsters! Monsters evolve at levels 5 and 10. 

I've played the game, and it is fun. Although, it is definitely challenging and at times confusing. Currently, I am on the 6th city. Hehehe. Not much to say on that.

Today's KingsIsle live was centered around Rise & Destroy. Many questions were answered and insight given. I did my best to take some notes on this KI Live.

Before I rattle off the list of notes, I want everyone to remember that Friday-Saturday daily rewards will be doubled! 

  • Run-FAST!
  • Destroy everything
    • utilize the domino effect!
  • Level 2 is good to test destruction out
  • Missile Launchers: Don't stand on the "x" - that's were the missiles land. Instead, stand near it and by things you want destroyed. The missile will inflict damage to those things instead.
  • Smash humans into buildings
  • Get 3 stars to complete Monster Cup Challenges
    • More Stars = More Gold
    • More Monster Cup Challenges = More Gold
    • More Gold = More Success
  • Utilize elemental powers
I probably won't blog about Rise & Destroy anymore than this. If any of this is incorrect, please let me know. 

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