Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 Days of the Spiral 2015

As the 12 Days of the Spiral draws to a close, I'd like to remind people to enter any unused codes before December 17th, 2015. This year, we got furniture items, pets, packs, and more! We got discounts and sales, and even new items!

For your convenience, I've compiled all the codes below in bold. Enjoy!

  • Day 1: Free Yuletide Pack - SPIRALGIFT
  • Day 3: Free Light Tree - SPIRALTREE
  • Day 5: Free Light Strands - SPIRALLIGHTS
  • Day 10: Free Items (Epic Items!) - YULEZOMG
  • Day 12: Free 250-60,000 Crowns - HOLIDAYCROWNS

Lydia Greyrose confirmed on the forums that there will be no charity mount this year. She said that they've founded numerous organizations throughout the year. This is completely a valid reason, but it does concern me.

Charity mounts were kind of a tradition, if you will. I consider it a given charitable action, that happens with out a doubt. I think KI should've went through with the charity, since they are very successful and have money rolling in from us all constantly. It is a little unsettling if they felt that they would have financial issues by doing this charity. Perhaps the proceeds could be less or have a better balanced percent? I feel bad for those who anticipated the mount, and I hope KI can make a better decision, if not now, then in the future.

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