Monday, December 14, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Earn Gold Fast

So many times we are flat broke in Wizard101. We have no Crowns to resort to the despicable way of purchasing gold. We don't have time to play an app that barely rewards us, and we certainly can't be logged into both at the same time. We don't have much time, either. Here's 5 Ways to Earn Gold Fast! Pick a style that fits your time and go off an claim your riches!

5. Winterbane Hall

Don't have a membership? No problem! Winterbane Hall drops a lot of furniture, reagents, and snacks. There's even a chance at getting Raven's Hoard Pack items! Though it may take a lot of time to complete, you can earn a substantial amount of gold. This is ONLY a good idea if you don't have membership. I recommend bringing a low level and a high level along with you. The low level will bring the difficulty down, while the high level speeds the process up. 

4. Mirror Lake Dungeon, Baobab Crossroads, Zafaria

For higher level wizards, this is a good dungeon to farm. It drops many items that are auctionable with huge prices! Others are no auction, but can be sold to a vendor, quick sold, or fed to a pet. Many high level wizards use this dungeon, so it is sure to be completed quickly. The dungeon drops crowns items, including the much sought-after school symbol gear. At the completion of the dungeon, you automatically receive 3 mega snacks! This dungeon is a great place to farm for gold while getting bonus stuff along the way.

3. Waterworks, Crab Alley, Wizard City

Waterworks is another great dungeon for farming. It drops a lot of Celestia gear, and with so many battles, you're bound to earn something. Instance quests still reward around 360 gold. Waterworks not only drops it's infamous gear, but it also drops mastery amulets and the Baconator set. Many people are actively farming it for it's gear. so you'll easily have a team via Team Up.

2. Fishing and Catch of the Day

Fishing is becoming a highly practiced past time in Wizard101, and who wouldn't want to after all the amazing benefits added? Fish are easy to catch, and most sell for 100 gold or up! Chests also grant gold and auctionable items or items of great use. Catch of the day triples the fish's worth, while building on extra rewards by catching Catch of the Day on a daily basis. This is a great alternative, especially if you don't have membership.

1. Halfang Bristlecrown, Vestrilund, Wintertusk

Halfang Bristlecrown still holds number 1 on best way to earn gold, and for good reason. He drops Cow's Pearl Amulet, which sells for 8,244 gold. He also drops two wands that sell for 4,000 gold, along with numerous gear, rings, and athames that sell for good amounts of gold. Though there are many other ways to earn gold, Halfang has proven the most reliable method of earning gold. Oh, and legend has it that if you ask him nicely for the amulet, it improves the odds of it dropping by 25%. I can personally confirm this.

Do you have a better method for earning gold? What is it and why? Do any of these methods work for you?

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