Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Crafting Watchtower Hall: A Harrowing Experience

A few days ago I finally finished crafting Watchtower Hall. That was, as the title says, a harrowing experience. If you are thinking about crafting this wonderful house, please read through this post as I recount my tale of crafting valor. I'm gonna throw in some tips and try to make your experience way, way better than mine.

My Watchtower Hall

Northguard: The Journey Begins
One day, I was running around Grizzleheim, with a boat load of gold. I had no idea what to spend it on, even though I could buy anything I wanted with it. Watchtower Hall popped into my head, and I ran over to the vendor. I previewed the house and decided that it was what I needed. I cashed in my gold and excitedly ran off to the bazaar. 

I checked the crafting list and looked around to see if I could find any of the items needed. I thought I could buy them and have it crafted later that day. Mysteriously, I didn't find any of them. Then I looked up the items, only to find that they were from crafting only.

It was at that moment Cheyenne Caster knew: She made a terrible mistake.

My heart sank. The recipes were crazy. I was frustrated. I just spent 60,000 gold and had nothing to show for it. I lost a good portion of my money and gave up.

A Glimmer of Hope
Many, many months since it's purchase, I decided to craft the wood planks. I easily gathered the ingredients and crafted every day. I quickly cranked out those planks and put them into storage. I still was in denial that I wasn't going to find the pieces in the Bazaar. I searched constantly for them, but never did. Gradually, my attention focused on questing, and Watchtower Hall was thought of no more.

Then I started to beg for items to be crafted, and someone told me about The Crafting Emporium on Central. I took to the site, put in my request, and waited. Waited some more, kept waiting, waiting, waiting...

Nothing. I'm on the waiting list, but far from crafting soon.

Impatience and a 1 Month Membership
I finally got a membership, and the first thing I thought of was getting that stupid house done. I was frustrated, mad, and infuriated. I bought all the recipes for the items and set to work collecting reagents and other ingredients. I had to farm Halfang relentlessly to get enough gold, and I never, ever had enough. I easily crafted the Wooden Water Towers, then SMACK! Wall!

How in Ymir's Name am I gonna come into possession of a million Waterlilies, Diamonds, Stone Blocks, and Ore? I barely had enough for on item, let alone all of them!

Then an amazing person DMed me on twitter, offering to help. That person collected a ton of reagents for me as I farmed Halfang. That person made it possible to get the rest of the crafting done in a WEEK. Yes, you read right, A WEEK! So shout out to @_LegendaryRose on Twitter. Follow if you haven't, send gifts his way, worship him. The whole spiel. 

Words of the Wise
If it wasn't for some tips and amazing people in the community, my house would not be done. If you are considering crafting this house, please consider these tips:
  • Know exactly what you are getting in to. It will not be easy. It's going to cost gold, time, and maybe even crowns.
  • Max out on gold after you buy the house, Be ready to snipe full supplies of reagents, and not end up missing the huge supply of waterlilies because you had no gold! (Guilty on many accounts)
  • Have a crafting buddy. Whether it's a friend or a second account, you need a partner in this. It will significantly speed the process up.
  • I wish I didn't give up, because it wasn't as hard as I though it would be. Don't procrastinate, you'll get it done!
  • Be patient and DO NOT GIVE UP. Better slowly than never, right? It would be a waste of gold to give up instead of slowly working at it.
  • DO NOT expect it to be done in a week. I got really, really lucky. If you put this combo together for yourself, you'll get done fast. But for the majority of you, it's going to take longer.
  • Save gold while waiting for timers. I f you have all your ingredients, start saving up because the second that house is finished, you are going to freak out and go all HGTV on it, guaranteed!
Crafting Order
This is the order I crafted in, and it may not work for you. This worked out great and was very efficient. 
  1. 10 Blizzard TC
  2. 20 Ghostfire Reagents
  3. 30 Stacks of Wood Planks
  4. 4 Wooden Water Towers
  5. 2 Waterfountains
    1. Grab Waterlilies after completion
  6. 15 Ornamental Stepstones
  7. 2 Grassy Mounds + 1 Carved Stone Tower per crafting session
    1. This made it easy to to collect reagents and finished everything in 4 sessions. (No matter what it would have finished in 4 sessions) This spread collecting and farming out.
I plan on putting the house up on Castle Tours when I'm done decorating. It's almost finished, I'm just working on a room.

Good Luck on crafting!

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