Monday, December 21, 2015

Polarian Shipwreck Tour

The Polarian Shipwreck is the newest house in the game. It's massive, beautiful, and filled with surprises. Special thanks to @HuntFireShield on Twitter for letting me take a look in his house! You rock!

Absolutely Gorgeous!
The Polarian Shipwreck houses 250 items both inside and outside. It has a dueling circle and an NPC that rewards you daily for visiting. The ice makes you run faster and slide when stationary. This Polaris themed house is an amazing property!

The Spiral Door 
When you enter this frozen wreck, a ghostly wail is distinctly heard. Huge glaciers tower above you. A feeling of insignificance is evident in this house.

The Shipwreck
The Shipwreck is situated partly inside a glacier. Near the shipwreck is a dueling circle. This is the house portion of this property.

The Dueling Circle
Outside of the shipwreck is this practice PvP Dueling Circle. This is a great way to control who you want to play without changing your score.

Inside the Shipwreck
Inside, there's plenty of room for all your treasures! The middle of the main floor is ice, so it's perfect to strap on some skates!

Each room has plenty of space!
Each room has so much floor space. A beautiful glacial ceiling towers above most of this house!

The Secret Room
Like many bundle houses, this house has a secret room! Simply go the the back of the house and turn left. You will come through a false wall. Take the tunnel and it will lead you to this room! Continue on and it will take you to one of the existing rooms in this house.

Rewarding NPC
Captain Shackleton is the poor, shipwrecked mutt who has grown found of his "frozen deathbed." He pays you rent by giving you items from his Cargo Crate, on the left of him. This Cargo Crate gave me at least 5 snacks, which contained a wide variety of ranks, the highest being a Rank 8 giving 10 XP and a Rank 7 giving 12 XP. It also gave me a furniture item and 30 gold.

An Open Tunnel
There are many open tunnels outside. Glaciers loom above you, framing a gorgeous sky.

The Icy Coast
If you want a great place to work on a tan, this is not your ideal coast. This frozen shore echoes the calls of walruses and seals. Off shore, stubborn fish swim along. Try your chance at a chest and maybe snag something cool from this bundle!

A Picturesque Sky
The Polarian Shipwreck boasts the most gorgeous sky in game. The Northern Lights shimmer in the distance. The stars twinkle and shine brightly in the sky. Make a wish as a shooting star flashes by!

The Polarian Shipwreck is an excellent house to buy! I had an excellent experience inside, and I recommend it to others. I hope you enjoyed this tour!

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